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Motocross Pants

Make a bold statement with BTO Sports and our top selection of dirt bike pants. We have the best styles and colors for motocross pants at unmatched prices with our large inventory of pants for dirt bike riding.

BTO Sports offers a diversity of styles, colors, and sizes to keep you comfortable and protected. With bike pants for men, women, and children, you’ll find the perfect riding pants from a reputable brand you trust. We feature top motocross pants from brands like Thor, Troy Lee Designs, FOX Racing, O’Neal, and many more, so you’ll know you have the best quality on the market at an affordable price.

We have the hottest colors and trends with the best designs to keep you looking great, while staying comfortable. Our dirt bike pants offer the best protection with reinforced protection for the hips, knees, and seat area. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility you need to move freely, while benefiting from abrasion and tear resistant material.

Shopping for Motocross Pants

When choosing motocross pants, it's important to keep in mind their benefits and features. Dirt bike pants protect riders from less serious injuries like abrasions, cuts, and scrapes. They also provide extra padding for the knees in addition to that provided by the knee guards, and are designed to be worn together with the knee guards. MX pants are also designed to stay in place no matter how dynamically you move, which is key when you're crashing and trying to avoid road rash. Motocross pants are also an important piece of dirt bike equipment because they protect you against the elements. This keeps you comfortable and healthier, and let's face it: it keeps you riding. Obviously, quality dirt bike pants are weather resistant and durable, but they also offer you other important features. These features impact how protected you are as you ride in the MX pants, not to mention how comfortable you stay in them. Every brand and style offers a different combination of features, so check out all of your options carefully. Many styles of motocross pants include protective panels, which are extra layers of durable material, usually heavy duty fabric or Kevlar. These kinds of panels are used to reinforce key spots in the dirt bike pants like the thigh, the outer leg, and the inner and outer knee areas—places that need extra protection against chafing, road rash, and heat from the engine. Some styles of MX pants come with built-in armor, often at the knee, and sometimes at the hips. In these styles sizing is even more important than usual since the stiffness of this kind of armor can be uncomfortable if the fit is anything less than perfect, so choose carefully. Finally, look for motocross pants that feature thermal lining and/or vents if you ride all year long in extreme weather. Vents let you unzip for more airflow when you ride in really hot weather, and thermal lining can keep you warm if you're riding during frostier winter months. Remember, we're here to help as you look for the right style of dirt bike pants. Contact us here on the website or by phone with any questions so we can help you find your perfect MX pants today.

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