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    100% - Racecraft Goggle Sale

    100% Racecraft Mirror Lens Goggle represents everything you loved about the classic goggles of yesterday, but with all of the latest innovations in goggle technology. This combination makes these goggles the most sought after dirt bike goggles on the market. The premier 100% line of goggle system represents our commitment to create an enhanced user experience by providing riders with a higher level of functionality and accurate vision. The 100% Racecraft Mirror Lens Goggle is a synthesis of precision engineering and minimal design, which produces a goggle that performs and feels as great as it looks.


    The Racecraft line comes with Extra Clear Lens (Anti-fog Coated Lexan), Tear-Offs and a Microfiber Bag- and that’s not all! They also sport outriggers to help achieve a perfect fit as well as balance. Also included is the removable nose-guard, a great feature indeed. Sweat is no longer an issue wither as the 100% Racecraft goggles come equipped with a thirsty triple layer moisture managing foam. The standard replacement lenses sold by 100% will work just fine on these goggles- so your vision with stay untrammeled for the life of the goggle. Lastly, the 45mm wide silicon coated strap will keep you cool and comfortable for even the longest of ride days. To be sure, the 100% Racecraft Mirror Lens Goggle has everything you would want for any kind of track or trail riding. And you can purchse these beauties right here / right now at BTO Sports!



    100 Percent Racecraft Mirror Lens Goggle Features:
    • Comes with Extra Clear Lens, Tear-Offs and Microfiber Bag
    • Outriggers to help achieve perfit fit and balance
    • Removable nose-guard
    • Thirsty triple layer moisture managing foam
    • Anti-fog coated lexan
    • Same replacement lens as all other 100% goggles
    • 45mm wide silicon coated strap