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100% Motocross Gear, Goggles and Accessories

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100 percent is the newest motocross and mountain bike goggle brand to hit the industry. They started back in the 1980’s as being a logo that represented “how much effort do you give” while riding. Another thing people used to say about 100 percent was “ride 100 percent”. You as a potential customer could take that as either ride 100 percent goggles, or give it 100 percent when you are riding no matter what goggles you are wearing.

100% Goggles

100% Goggles

After many years of having this logo being represented on many riders out competing in the weekly races, the logo fell out of the industry and went silent for a while. Also when shopping on our website you will find 100 percent goggle reviews coming straight from our customers. With these actual real customer reviews you know that you will be getting a real and legit goggle review coming from a real motocross or mountain bike rider.

We all know that motocross goggles are an essential part of a riders gear. That is why 100 percent has built out such a large line of goggles. They have the Racecraft goggles that comes with options like having a nose guard, and clear lens. Or not having the nose guard and clear lens which would come without the nose guard and mirror lens. Also the racecraft will come in at the top of the 100 percent food chain. There is the Barstow goggle that does surpass the racecraft when it comes to price, but by far the most popular high end goggle from 100 percent is the racecraft. After the Barstow and Racecraft would come the Accuri goggle. These come in at around the $60 price range and have tons of color ways to choose from. These 100 percent goggles also come in an OTG goggle which stands for over the glasses, and a sand goggle. When looking at a sand goggle the main point for those are the smaller air vents they have which were created to decrease the amount of sand that would end up getting through.

Because 100 percent has been such a popular goggle brand the last 2-3 years in both the moto and mountain bike industries their casual line has been blowing up as well. They make everything from zip and fleece hoodies to gloves, backpacks, tee shirts, and beanies. 100 percent even makes a down hill mountain bike helmet. We think they are just testing this market out with their new helmet release, but if the sales go well for them we expect them to release a full line in the next 1-2 years. If you are looking for a high quality, comfortable, anti-fog, and overall bad ass goggle brand 100 percent is what you are looking for. You can end your search right here.

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It would seem to the modern day motocross riders that 100% came out of left field. But that is not true at all. The company was started back in the early 1980’s by Drew Lien. Some of the biggest names at the time were rocking the classic 100% logo on their jerseys. There tag line at the time and still to this day is “How much effort do you give”. The answer for all the 100% riders was always 100% and still is for today’s riders! 30 years later the brand has rejuvenated them-selves and is one of the most popular goggles on the market.