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Bell 2016 MX Helmets

New for 2016 are new entries in numerous lines of helmets for Bell. Bell has released new designs and colorways in the Moto-9 Flex, Moto-9, MX-9, and SX-1 helmet lines. Already Beauitfully crafted and the new colorways and designs really take off on all of Bell’s helmets. All set with the foundation, all that’s left for bell to do was to paint house. The Moto-9 Carbon Flex is the flagship model, comes in with the most premium materials available to the motocross helmet industry. This helmet has an especially cool model in collaboration with the monster brand. The Moto-9 Carbon Flex Pro Circuit Monster Helmet is a handsome new helmet style that really sets you apart from the rest. The MX-9 also shares in the Monster fun with the MX-9 Pro Circuit Monster Replica Helmet. This helmet is wrapped with a camo layover and acts like the little brother to the professional Moto-9 Carbon Flex version. The SX-1 is a great introductory helmet from Bell too, featuring the Stack design and the Race design. Both are great and give riders the ability to afford multiple colorways of their favorite helmets at a very low and inexpensive price. With helmets like these, its obvious Bell will be around for a long time in the Motocross protection genre.