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Acerbis Plastics & Accessories

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BTO Sports has been selling motocross parts for a long time- and in that time Acerbis has been, is and probably forever shall be the king of after-market plastics. Why? The answer is simple… Acerbis plastics and Acerbis handguards are made with top quality materials, and are consistently the best fitting after-market plastic on the market today.

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With over thirty-five years of experience with the best off-road racers in the world, Acerbis has put a premium on constant technical development, allowing them to become a premier company within the motorcycle industry. This accomplishment is not an end, but rather a base from which Acerbis will continue to research and develop the best products to meet the needs of every rider who mounts an off-road motorcycle. Acerbis' commitment is full-force, and features a dedicated staff that is driven by a unique and extraordinary passion. Acerbis is proud of their unifying commitment, and are motivated to keep growing and satisfying motorcyclists and champions from all over the world.

Acerbis Handguards

In addition to their wildly popular full body kits of replacement bike plastics, Acerbis has become the top purveyor of motocross handguards. Acerbis handguards are made to fit seamlessly with your OEM bars, but can also adjust to most all after-market bars as well. You can fully expect your Acerbis handguards to have the same quality construction that you’ve come to expect from your other Acerbis products. Let’s look at a few of the more popular options when it comes to Acerbis handguards. The newest Acerbis Handguards are the X-Force Series. The X-Force was tested by Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto, and is particularly versatile- providing maximum riding protection! With removable spoiler, they offer excellent protection from rocks, roost and harsh weather conditions. Remove the spoiler for more ventilation or use in less harsh conditions. A universal mounting kit allows handguards to be mounted above or below levers and cables. And of course, the Spoiler and Mount Kits are included. Really, just a premier set of Acerbis handguards- you’ll love them immediately.

The most popular member of the Acerbis handguards is known as the Rally Pro Handguards . These Acerbis handguards are made with durable, injection-molded nylon composite, and feature an anodized aluminum bar for ultimate protection, son. It includes an indexed steel bar-end insert that mounts solidly and will not allow the guard to rotate in a crash. They come with the renowned X-Strong Mounting Hardware, making them a one-and-done shopping experience. Featuring a high-impact, composite injection-molded outer guard around an anodized aluminum inner guard, the Rally Pro series really comes to play. The upgraded mounting system prevents Rally Pro handguards from slipping - even under the most demanding conditions, and they also have a small integral spoiler incorporated into the design. Finally, the Acerbis Vented Uniko Handguards are also worth a minute of your attention. The Uniko handguard was developed through rigorous testing by top pro riders. Built to be lightweight and easy to mount, they are some of the best-performing mx handguards out there. Let’s get into it-

These Acerbis handguards are a desirable twist on the already popular Uniko Acerbis handguards! With lightweight polypropylene construction, a large venting pattern forces air flow across the levers-keeping those hands cool! Once again, included is the universal mounting system, which allows the handguards to be independently positioned despite the angle of the levers. And talk about versatile- these Acerbis Handguards work with all motocross bikes- so you can’t make a wrong move. And these are just a few of the many Acerbis Handguards available right here at BTO Sports, so please go to the Acerbis Handguards page on our site- and check out the various options to find the ones that best suit your riding needs! Ask enough dirt bike riders of all skill levels, and they’ll all tell you the same thing- you can do no better than going with a set of Acerbis handguards.

Acerbis plastic

Acerbis Plastics

The full kits of Acerbis plastics are an easy and affordable way to replace your motorcycle plastics in one easy purchase. All Acerbis plastics included in the kits have the original factory shape of the selected bike model. The full kits of Acerbis Plastics include front and rear fenders, side panels, and radiator shrouds (Note: Air box covers NOT included). Acerbis Plastics are made of high-quality Italian-made plastic, for color-stay and long-lasting durability. What’s more, Acerbis plastics are pre-drilled for easy stock installation. Acerbis plastics are available in O.E.M. colors, solid colors, or all black. Go to the Acerbis plastics page right here at BTO Sports, and you’ll see how easy it is to find the Acerbis plastics needed for your exact bike. All Acerbis plastics marked "OEM colors" will be the original factory colors. Sadly, not all colors will be available for all models- but if they make it… we have it.

Acerbis Plastics are a big fish on the dirt bike parts food chain so to speak. Please don’t make any mistake- plastics kits are extremely important replacement dirt bike parts, as accidents and motocross go hand in hand! Acerbis Plastics are the quick fix for todays on and off road fender benders, bike drops, high-speed crashes and other unsavory incidents involving the destruction of your bike and its precious dirt bike parts .Front fenders, rear fenders, radiator shrouds and side panels are the critical plastic dirt bike parts that make your bike trick, and quality replacement plastics kits are widely available. It’s real simple: Every bike needs plastic, so sooner or later, every rider is going to need to buy a Plastics Kit. In short- Acerbis Plastics do multiple tasks at once, thereby protecting a number of critical dirt bike parts. The Acerbis Plastics we sell here at BTO Sports have the characteristics you’re looking for in Plastics Kits (and dirt bike parts in general!): OEM-style fitting, great color and anti-wear properties are just a few of the features Acerbis Plastics can provide. Of all the dirt bike parts you might need over the life of your bike- the Plastics Kits will always be near the top. They are the prime-timers of dirt bike parts, yet replacement Acerbis Plastics don’t cost nearly as much as many of their OEM dirt bike parts brethren.

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Acerbis - Radiator Shrouds

Good quality

I bought the acerbis radiator shrouds for my 2016 yz250f to put graphics on because the oem's have molded stickers on them. The were a perfect fit and exactly the same as the oem, they have been holding up great and graphics fit as they would have on the oem's.
Acerbis - Vented Uniko Handguards

Acerbis - Vented Handguards

I think this is of the best handguards that i ever used!
Acerbis - KTM Flo-Orange Full Plastic Kit

I bought the KTM Flo Orange plastics kit

I'm currently deployed to the Middle East. I wanted to have a little piece of my passion with me so I ordered the Flo Orange plastics kit for my 2014 250sx. The kit arrived here super fast! Even delivering to an APO. This is why I've always and will continue to stick with BTO, even when I get stationed in Germany. Love you guys!


l would buy this product again

[...]Product was great and price was fantastic couldn't match that price anywhere saved money, will be purchasing more products that's for sure
Acerbis - X-Seat (Kawasaki)

I would buy this product again and again

The magnificent decision. Conveniently at driving standing, does not slide, does not become wet, does not wear out.
Acerbis - Two Two Motorsports Replica Full Plastic Kit (Kawasaki)

Very good color with the flow green

These look great with multiple graphics kits, not just the two two graphics.