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Acerbis - Vented Uniko Handguards

Product Code: ACEVUNIKO
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Acerbis - Vented Uniko Handguards

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Acerbis - Vented Uniko Handguards

The all new motocross Acerbis handguards are uniquely design to give your bike that sleek yet aggressive look while adding the upmost protection for your hands. Dirt bike Acerbis handguards are tremendously important accessories to have whether you’re on the track, blazing the desert trails, or cruising around the forest. The Acerbis – Vented Uniko Handguards are designed to be a quick and easy product to install and provide riders with ample protection and airflow. The new Acerbis – Vented Uniko Handguards will protect your hands and knuckles from roost, rocks, small shrubs, and the occasional low-hanging tree branches. This motocross Acerbis accessory was brought to the market due to the feedback the Acerbis – Vented Uniko Handguards received from professional riders around the world. These specific dirt bike Acerbis hand guards are derived from they’re non-vented counterpart the Acerbis- Uniko Handguards, but have minor revisions to increase their functionality. The Acerbis- Vented Uniko Handguards have added a larger ventilation system then most of their other vented handguards, and the vent system is positioned on the top and bottom of the handguard to allow maximum airflow. These uniquely designed Acerbis- Vented Uniko Handguards are made with a lightweight polypropylene plastic , is available in an array colors to maximize your ability to customize your dirt bike or ATV and are sold with a new universal mounting system to fit any angle of your levers.


  • A desirable twist on the already popular Uniko handguards

  • Lightweight polypropylene construction

  • Large venting pattern forces air flow across the levers

  • Included, universal moutning system allows the handguards to be independently positioned despite the angle of the levers

  • Works with all motocross bikes