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AFX Motocross Helmets

AFX Motocross Helmets and Dirt Bike Helmets

AFX motocross helmets are mostly known for their great selection and price for their street helmets. But this great staple for motorcycle helmets has expanded their reach into the motocross helmets category. Some of their new motocross helmets show cases an aerodynamic shell which is constructed with and lightweight advanced poly-alloy composite which is common among a lot of the motocross helmets in the industry today. Both the dirt bike helmets linner and check pads in these motocross helmets are made with a hypo-allergenic and anit-microbial nylon which of course are removable and washable. This will need to be done after 2-3 long sweaty rides either at the track or on the long trail rides. AFX motocross helmets also rock 11 different ventilation points all over the dirt bike helmets. They start around the chin area and work their way up the sides and continue on both the rear and front area of the four head. These motocross helmets also include a limited lifetime warranty, so make sure to let AFX know if you are having any kind of defect with the dirt bike helmets. You can also let us at BTO Sports know about any problems you are having with the motocross helmets from AFX and we will do our best to help you resolve the problem. These motocross helmets also come in many different color ways, ranging from camo style dirt bike helmets to solid helmets, and American flag style helmets and more. Make sure to check out all the different AFX motocross helmets and their style at BTO Sports.

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