No Toil Air Filter Cleaner & Oil

No Toil Air Filter Cleaner

No Toil is a company that produces some of the best air filters and air filter cleaning solutions on the market. They are focused around simplifying the air filter maintenance process that is easier and also safer.

 No Toil

No Toil

No Toil produces more than just air filter oil and cleaning solutions, they also produce chain lube, car filters, and other accessories you are able to use on your vehicles. The best part about No Toil is that no matter which type of product you choose from them, you are going to be contributing to the conservation of our planet. They have ditched the old methods of cleaning air filters and lubing chains, and have developed a system that allows their products to be the only biodegradable and completely non-toxic air filter and oil products. They also have a biodegradable chain lube that you can purchase as well.

No Toil filters

No Toil start up in 1998 by motorcycle riders who were looking to make a difference within this industry, and the certainly did! The team at No Toil had a goal to offer peace of mind and convenience to their fellow riders which would, hopefully, in turn get translated into other forms and have a global effect on the motocross industry. They are currently located in Yuba City, California and continue their practices to ensure that people are able to safely clean their air filters without damaging our Earth.

The No Toil Evolution Air Filter Cleaning Kit contains no alcohol, is non-flammable, and is compatible with all foam air filters. This cleaning solution, like all their cleaning solutions, is foam friendly meaning it will not degrade the foam and is also Eco-friendly! This cleaning solution is also waterproof meaning that even if water gets to your air filter, the filter oil will block it from entering your engine (to an extent). No Toil is a Green Standard leader which means they focus around conserving the environment and producing produces that are safe for the ecosystem.