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Air Filters are one of the many life lines your dirt bike needs to run at its peak performance. Check out our great selection of air filters from the best brand in the industry here at BTOsports.com!

 Air Filters

Twin Air air filters

Air Filters were never a reliable piece of equipment back in the day, and I am talking late 60’s early 70’s. A company called Twin Air saw the loathing reputation the air filters were making and decided to revolutionize the motocross industry. They started up in 1972 to put to rest the horrific paper air filters that every dirt bike rider used back then and started designing and redefining the foam air filters. Using oils to trap dirt, dust, grim, and other particulates that may enter the engine, they delivered a product that not only people wanted, but needed, in order to compete with the top dogs in the industry. In the early 90’s, I believe it was 93 to be exact, Mitch Payton’s Pro Circuit team and more specifically rider James Dobb, won the Unadilla National while running the Twin Air filter.

In a short video, Mitch Payton explained that he believes he was one of the only bikes to even finish the race, let alone win it, because they were running the Twin Air filter that kept out the dust and dirt from their engine. Other bikes died on the side of the track and simply could not handle the racing conditions. Ever since then, Mitch’s belief in Twin Air filters has grown to the point where he will only use these air filters in his race bikes to give his riders the best advantages on the track.

Twin Air produces a wide variety of air filters for nearly every motorcycle on the market, including dirt bikes, and is a main OEM- specified product for over 20 motorcycle companies. They produce pre-oiled air filters as well so even at the track; you can replace your air filter in between motos and not worry about having air filter oil, or cleaning solutions. Making the down time of working on your dirt bike as low as possible, these are some of the easiest parts to replace and quite frankly some of the most affordable, especially here at BTOsports.com. The Pre-oiled filters make interchanging air filters a breeze and with the loosening of a couple screws, you can have a perfect, ready to race air filter installed on your bike within minutes.

DT 1 Air Filters

A second top tier company that produces air filters is DT1. DT 1 makes a wide variety of air filters and is main choice for racers all across the world. They are incredibly affordable and deliver an abundance of performance that will make your bike race ready day in and day out. DT1 Filters makes a wide variety of products from oil filters, air filters, ATV air filters, filter cleaners and oils, and even washing covers so you can protect your bike when it is time to give her a bath. If you take care of your dirt bike, your dirt bike will take care of you; this includes frequently checking your air filter for tears, dirt, grim build-up, and adequate amounts of oil. Never overlook this easy to fix problem and check it after each ride, in between motos, and when you get home before you clean your bike.

Air Filters

Other companies like MSR also create a great air filter. Their air filter is a funnel web air filter meaning it has foam spikes on it to help capture more dirt but having greater surface area. This unique design increases the surface area by 100% and is a constructed with a single layer density foam that prevents dust from being trapped in between dual layer air filters. These are injection molded and urethane sealed to provide riders with a tighter and more precise fitment.

Check out our great selection today and with our affordable prices, don’t just get one air filter pick up three or four. You can never have too many air filters as having more makes you race ready for anything that could happen during the weekend. Give us a call if you need any help picking one out. We are all highly qualified to help you with your purchase.

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