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Alpinestars Motocross Gear

Alpinestars Motocross Gear, Alpinestars Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories

Best selection of Alpinestars Boots, Alpinestars Casual Wear, Alpinestars Protective Gear, and more. Alpinestars is one of the most wildly popular street brands in the world. Ask any motorcyclist and they will recognize the name as one of the major players in the street world. Alpinestars makes a variety of products for the street rider and/or enthusiast. From boots, to jackets, to gloves, alpinestars has got you covered.



It is incredible to see that Alpinestars has lasted all these years. They even have a hand in the women’s street products market, creating a sister brand, Stella, which tries to cater more to the female rider. Alpinestars has a hand in expanding the street market in many ways. From the products that they further innovate every day, to the mere presence and quality of the brand, Alpinestars has set the tone for other Street Brands. While other brands seek to emulate Alpinestars and their success, the brand itself is able to invent and create to improve the culture of street riding. Alpinestars rose from the depths in 1963 thanks to a man named Sante Mazzarolo who started the company in an Italian town called Asolo.

Asolo is a town in the Veneto region of Northern Italy and is known as the Pearl of the province of Treviso, also known as the City of a Hundred Horizons, thanks to its beautiful mountainous backdrops. Alpinestars start is quest to become one of the most demanded manufacturers in on-road and off-road racing. The company first began making hiking and ski boots as it was highly demanded in those regions, but they quickly shifted their focus into the world of motocross and began manufacturing motocross and road racing boots. Gaining world recognition by sponsoring motorsports world champions such as : Rodger DeCoster, Kenny Robers, Mick Doohan, and Marc Marquez; Alpinestars branced out into designing engineering and manufacturing all sorts of protective gear.

Alpinestars makes high quality, race performance protective gear for MotoGP, Motocross, Formula one, WEC, and NASCAR all of which or some of the most demanding sports on man and machine. They are also beginning to dabble in the action sport realms of Downhill Mountain biking and Surfing. They produce everything from protective gear such as neck braces, knee braces, chest protectors, motocross jersey and pants, street bike jackets and full leather race gear, and are famous for their brand of boots, the Alpinestars Tech Series of motocross boots. It is safe to say that Alpinestars dominates the world of action sports by providing protective gear for all riders and action sport athletes. Their products do not end there though; producing highly demanded casual apparel, gear bags and backpacks, motorcycle gloves, and handfuls of other products for action sport enthusiasts to choose from.

Alpinestars Boots

Alpinestars Gear

These Days, Street gear does not only mean leather jackets and leather boots. There are many more materials available that motorcycle riders have at their disposal. Alpinestars has been there at the advent of every material and fabric to date. From leather textiles to Gore-Tex, and different types of waterproof materials to canvas, Alpinestars has included each of these tools to build their products. This is a classic brand that is ever-changing with the times in order to keep up with them. If you are a street rider, whether you ride crotch rockets Harleys, or café cruisers, Alpinestars most likely makes some type of gear that you love to wear and have to wear every time you ride. Whether it be high quality racing leather that cover your body head to toe while you fly through the canyons at death defying speeds, or cruise the coast line in a nice pair of weather proof Alpinestars boots, you are wearing a brand that has been around for over 50 years and has seen the changes in technological advancements in race gear that makes it what it is today. From leather boots, to polyurethane coated boots with ankle torsional bars, Alpinestars produces everything you need to enhance your riding experiences to high levels.

Alpinestars doesn’t just produce top of the line boots for motocross or street riders, they also produce high quality race gear, under garments and protective gear to keep you riding in confidence every time you throw your leg over the bike. From compression shorts and jerseys, to rain coats and chest protectors, Alpinestars has everything you need to get the most out of every ride. One of my favorite pieces of equipment that Alpinestars makes is their Comp Pro Shorts. These are some of the most comfortable and protective compression shorts you can choose for riding in as they are made from a stretch mesh material that allows the shorts to tightly wrap around your muscles to help reduce excess movement ultimate give your legs a slight boost to go the extra mile. These Comp Pro Shorts are perfect for all types of riding as they serve as a protective undergarment thanks to the uniquely placed padding throughout the shorts. Protecting your hips, quads, and rear glute areas, these Comp Pro shorts from Alpinestars are going to be that piece of riding gear you will never want to ride without. From add protection to increased comfortability, these shorts are nothing less than perfection and Alpinestars did us adrenaline junkies a favor by producing such high quality riding gear.

Alpinestars Motocross Gear

Another great undergarment that they make is the Evolution short; these lightweight streamline stretch mesh shorts are perfect for riding on those warmer than average days as they have moisture-wicking capabilities to help reduce chaffing, sweat, and heat. They are equipped with a highly absorptive EVA memory foam that provides protection in high impact areas as well as a Noosfera multi-density Chamois seat padding to help you ride all day long. Perfect for going on long cycling rides, trips out the desert, or long journeys on the open road, these Evolution shorts are made to last, and will help you last while sitting on the bike. Check them out today and stop sacrificing ride-ability over comfortability because when you’re comfortable you will ride longer and better!

Regardless if you are a street bike rider who hits the back country canyon roads, an adventure rider who journeys across country or a casual cruise who lives to hit the open road, Alpinestars has something in their bag of goodies for you to choose from. If you are not a street rider and prefer off-road riding you are still in for a treat; Alpinestars makes some of the best motocross boots and protective gear for off-road riders like motocross racers, desert riders, or those who prefer the four wheel rush of an ATV. Starting with their line of boots, the Alpinestars Tech Series has a style of boot that will fit rides of all ages and skill levels. If you’re an advanced motocross racer, or looking for a great boot for your kid to start racing in, the Tech series from Alpinestars is in a class of its own. The Tech series comes in various styles that will be able to suit your specific style of riding. From the beginner boots like the Tech 1s to one of the top choices of pro riders like the tech 7s and 10s, Alpinestars has produced some of the best motocross boots this sport has ever seen.

 Alpinestars Motocross Gear

Alpinestars Tech Series

The new modeled Alpinestars Tech 7 motocross boots from Alpinestars has been redefined to be better for a more comfortable fit, better look, and most importantly an improved protection system. All of these newly defined qualities make this one of the number one choice amongst motocross riders around the world. These boots have been engineered to be lighter and provide riders with better protection thanks to their newly innovated TPU lateral ankle protection; this ankle support system is constructed from a biomechanical link between the middle lateral and the bottom lateral of the boot. This ankle support system helps reduce the chances of your ankles from being sprained as well as reducing the risk of tearing ligaments as the brace protects against torsional forces. The torsional forces are a result of your foot, toe, or heel getting snagged on a rut, branch, or a part of another rider’s bike and causing serious injury to your lower extremities. Along with that, these boots are designed with an instep and Achilles accordion flex zones that increases the boots flexibility while also increasing support and comfort.

Boots can vary heavily in stiffness and flexibility and it depends on the rider’s personal preference, riding style, and type of riding they will be doing that depicts which type of stiffness or flexibility they are looking for in a boot. Depending on what type of riding you are doing such as: motocross, desert, enduro or supercross riding, you should look for the right stiffness of flexibility that will most support your feet and provide you with maximum comfortability. A common misconception of this option is “well if I have more flex I should be more comfortable on my rides as I will be able to move my foot more freely” WRONG! In some cases, yes, more flexibility makes for an easier to wear boot, but it also leaves your ankles susceptible to injury under high impacts like when you case or overshoot a jump. Although this may deter individuals away from these types of boots, flexible boots are not bad boots by any means! In fact top tier companies like Gaerne, Sidi, Fox and many more produce boots that have hinges built into the boot to help riders gain a full range of motion, have an easier break in period, and give them the flexibility they prefer to rider at their best.

Alpinestars Motocross Boots

Take the technology integrated into the new Alpinestars Tech 10s for instance; these boots are some of the most sought after dirt bike boots from Alpinestars as they feature a lightweight full grain leather microfiber impact and abrasion resistance TPU Shell. The tech 10s incorporate an evolutionary TPU shin plate construction that increase the rage of fitment for riders with larger calves and longer legs, and securely wraps around your upper calve with its reinforced Velcro closure system that allows for a comfortable and customized fitment. A major reason behind incorporating the TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is that this material is hard and unique structure that allows it to have high resilience, great compression qualities, and resistant to impacts, abrasions, wear and tear, and weather. These characteristics of TPU decrease the shin zone to ability to be hyperextended while providing optimal flex control. On top of that, the medial facing panel is also constructed from TPU that has a rubber insert that increases grip to provide riders with the ideal amount of bike grip and control; the rubber insert also improves the boots resistance to heat and abrasions. Redesigned to be better than ever, the Alpinestars Tech10s have an innovative TPU rear blade system to protect the heel, toes, foot, ankle and calf regions, and with an extra hard compound on the toe-box, heel and Achilles tendon your foot will be heavily guarded throughout your entire ride! Check them out for yourself and don’t just take my word as to why these boots are some of the most demanded motocross boots on the market and see what all the hype is about!

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