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Alpinestars - Sequence Chest Protector

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    Alpinestars - Sequence Chest Protector
    Easy  to  put  on  and  extremely  comfortable,  the  CE  certified  Sequence  Chest  Protector  is  highly  abrasion  and  impact  resistant,  while  its  ergonomic  design  ensures  a  secure  and  comfortable  performance  fit.  


    • Soft  shells  are  constructed  from  a  high  performance  lightweight  thermoformed  material  blend  that  is  soft  and  flexible  yet  offers  the  same  level  of  protection  as  a  hard  shell  protector.
    • Shells  feature  perforation  zones  and  air  channeling  for  excellent  breathability  and  ventilation.    
    • Thermoformed  textile  used  for  the  construction  are  highly  abrasion  resistant  and  will  not  easily  get  scratched.
    • Constructed  with  a  soft  3d  mesh  on  the  body  side  of  the  protector  that  offers  extra  comfort  and  breathability.  
    • Removable  upper  back  padded  panel  for  BNS  compatibility.
    • Soft  touch  BNS  puller  for  convenient  and  safe  engagement  of  the  BNS.
    • Soft  bio  foam  padded  chassis  for  maximum  comfort.
    • Features  Alpinestars  quick  release  attachment  system  for  convenient  in  and  out

    Soft shells are constructed from a high performance lightweight thermoformed material blend

    that is soft and flexible yet offers the same level of protection as a hard shell protector.

    Shells feature perforation zones and air channeling for excellent breathability and ventilation.

    Thermoformed textile used for the construction are highly abrasion resistant and will not easily get scratched.

    Constructed with a soft 3d mesh on the body side of the protector that offers extra comfort and breathability.

    Removable upper back padded panel for BNS compatibility.

    Soft touch BNS puller for convenient and safe engagement of the BNS.

    Soft bio foam padded chassis for maximum comfort.

    Features Alpinestars quick release attachment system for convenient in and out