Alpinestars - Supertech M10 Alloy Helmet

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    Alpinestars - Supertech M10 Alloy Helmet
    With years of development, Alpinestars has raised the bar in the high-end motocross helmet market with the all new Supertech SM-10 motocross helmet. Featuring carbon fiber construction and innovative features that are exclusive to Alpinestars such as the A-head interior liner for superb fit, 4 different EPS densities and a MIPS rotational layer that offers a high level of impact absorption. MIPS is a proven safety system that helps reduce the rotational movement in the helmet by absorbing and redirecting the energy/forces that would otherwise transmitted to the brain. 
    The SM-10 helmet is filled with new technology such as Alpinestars patented Visor system that has been developed to provide the right level of resistance to release when needed from impacts in any direction. The interior of the SM-10 helmet has been designed with maximum ventilation in mind. An interior air network channels incoming air through the helmet to keep rider's head cool, while continuing to pull hot air away and through the large exhaust vents. 
    The helmet has been designed for riders that wear neck braces and those that don't The bottom area of the helmet is raised to clear rider's collarbone area as much as possible. This gives dirt bike riders confidence while riding on the track, trail, or anywhere else.  The SM-10 is also hydration system ready, as it has a channel inside the chin bar specifically for hydration tubes. 


    • A-Head: Patented system allows easy adjustment of the angle that the helmet sits on your head. MIPS system is also included in the helmet.
    • Visor: Patented system has been developed to provide the right level of resistance to release when needed with impacts from any direction. The visor system is light weight.
    • Collarbone: The bottom side of the helmet is raised to clear the collarbone as much as possible for riders who choose not to wear a neck brace system. In addition, the bottom trim is soft on the collarbone area. 
    • Mouthpiece: To maintain strength of the mouthpiece, a radial ridge has been incorporated which assures complete strength to the front of the helmet.
    • Maximum Ventilation: The Interior air network channeling has extremely high ventilation values made possible by the airflow design and the location of all air intakes and outlets
    • Four Individual Shell Sizes:  XS/S, M, L, XL/2XL
    • DOT/ECE Rated