Arai Motocross Helmets

Arai Motocross Helmets and Dirt Bike Helmets

BTO Sports offers a wide variety of Arai Motocross Helmets at clearance prices. Free Shipping Over $85! Arai dirt bike helmets are high end motocross helmets that perform like a top level dirt bike helmet. These motocross helmets are not cheap either and come in at the top of the food chain with price. But do not be turned off by these high prices because you truly are paying for a top level helmet. Arai helmets have a starting price with their dirt bike helmets at a price of $539.95 and that is for the VX-Pro4 helmets. These motocross helmets start at that price because they come in solid colors. Once you step outside the solid color ways you will also see the price jump up to around the $650 price range. Now with the VX-Pro 4 helmets are will also have access to the Justin Barcia helmet which tends to be the most popular motocross helmet out of them all. The VX-Pro Nutech dirt bike helmet also will catch your eye with the aggressive style. The Arai VX-Pro Nutech helmet does only come in that one aggressive color way but will suit your needs while looking awesome on your bike. You can also see the major air ports on the helmet which will maximize airflow through-out the helmet. The dirt bike helmets shell will also be a stand out feature of the VX-Pro motocross helmet. The shell is made up of a complex laminate construction which contains a special fiber compound that is compressed between two layers of Arai’s super fiber laminate. The light weight shell helps with this dirt bike helmet by keeping it light weight while staying extremely strong and being able to provide an ultimate dirt bike helmet for the rider and customer from BTO Sports. Also when we look at other dirt bike helmets on the market under BTO sports website and you will not find a more space and or galaxy orientated dirt bike helmet out there. The Justin Barcia replica dirt bike helmet comes out at a retail of $739.95 which is one of the most expensive dirt bike helmets on the market but you can guarantee that the dirt bike helmet will provide the same or if not better protection, style and comfort. We will normally have a slight discount on the Arai helmets to help out with the price and drop them down around 10%. So make sure to check out the price on our website. Other features of this killer looking and style Arai helmets are the dry cool liner which helps to remove and wick sweat from your brow and head while ripping through the trails and or while at the track. If you are looking for top of the line motocross helmets, make sure to check out the Arai with their small but tight selection of dirt bike helmets