Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Braces

Asterisk UltraCell Knee Brace and Pairs of Braces

With over 10 years of competition and pushing the limits, the Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee brace comes from a long bloodline of research, development, and success. The original Cell Brace became a staple in the gear bag of nearly every single serious rider or racer over the last 10 years. The only way that the best get better is to never settle though, and that is what Asterisk has done here. They took a hugely successful design and tweaked it just right to make it that much better for the athlete. Welcome to the Ultra Cell Knee Brace. With new anatomically correct features that provide unimaginable comfort and protection, and even the addition of the patented Boa closure system, this brace proves to be worth every penny. Find Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Braces here at BTO Sports at unbeatable prices. Whether you are a dirt bike or motocross rider, or any other action sports athlete, the UltraCell Knee Brace is a must have for anybody looking for the best knee protection.