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Here at BTO Sports, we pride ourselves on having the widest selection of quality after-market parts for your motorcycle, ATV or any off-road beast on wheels! Boyesen Engineering offers the most advanced intake innovations available for two-stroke engines. Boyesen Power Reeds, Pro Series Reeds, Rad Valves and other unique products add performance and value to the motorcycle, snowmobile, watercraft and outboard marine industries. At Boyesen, R&D is hands-on, tested in the field, and tied to feedback from the end user. We use the latest computerized testing and manufacturing processes available in the industry. From research through production, Boyesen is committed to using creative concepts, new materials, and better designs that will increase the satisfaction and enjoyment of our customers.

From their first days, applications for Boyesen technology have expanded to include intake products for watercraft, snowmobiles, and outboard marine engines. Eyvind Boyesen, president and founder, started a performance revolution in 1972 on a shoestring budget and a single patent in hand. He used reed induction technology, in combination with his patented dual-stage reed, to produce instantly stunning results. Motorcycles using Boyesen reeds were consistently outperforming bikes using other modes of intake induction. On and off the race track circuit, the Boyesen name became equated with superior performance, quality, and service. Manufacturing has been and continues to be perfected with painstaking precision and care, insuring the highest quality standards for the ultimate in trouble free performance. Through licensing agreements, technology designed and patented by Boyesen is built into two-stroke engines around the world. More than two decades and many patents later, motorcycle racers and motorsport enthusiasts around the world have turned Boyesen Engineering into a company serving people on six continents. Because of his dual-stage reed innovation, Eyvind Boyesen became known as the "Reed Man" throughout the industry. Never content with "good enough," this Norwegian born inventor has been obsessed with the desire for continual improvement. Man-made inventions, such as the internal combustion engine, could never be said to "have arrived" at perfection. The reason is that human inventiveness is never static but is always capable of achieving new insights and a better understanding of the dynamic forces of energy and matter. This explains the motivating principle behind the company: to bring creative engineering solutions into the marketplace.

The Boyesen Parts and Accessories we sell here at BTO Sports have the characteristics you’re looking for in quality clutch and ignition covers (and dirt bike parts in general!). Of all the dirt bike parts you might need over the life of your bike- these critical dirt bike parts will obviously be at the top. They are the prime-timers of dirt bike parts, yet after-market levers and accessories don’t cost nearly as much as many of their OEM dirt bike parts brethren. And Boyesen’s just one of the thousands of options here @ BTO Sports. These after-market parts and accessories are also bike specific for a perfect fit- a keystone point for all dirt bike parts. So please, you can take our trusted word for it when it comes to all dirt bike parts sold on our site, and this certainly includes the fine products from Boyesen.

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