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Bridgestone MX Tires

BTO Sports carries Bridgestone MX tires so you can get a fresh new set of rubbers on your dirt bike before race day. Bridgestone makes some of the best tires on the market so check out our selection below and get the starts you deserve in your upcoming races.

Bridgestone Dirt Bike Tires

Bridgestone Company

Bridgestone is an upper echelon company that produces a wide variety of high performance tires for cars, trucks, racecars, motorcycles and dirt bikes. They have a strong belief in ‘serving society with superior quality” which helps them keep their inspiration for delivering some of the best and most sought after tires on the market. Their founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, started this company with that belief in mind and has prospered Bridgestone Tires into a sustainable company that has a commitment to helping the environment for future generations to enjoy just like we do. They work with surrounding communities around the world to help encourage this belief, as well as encourage peace and harmony throughout the world.

Bridgestone Tires has three innovative methods that help encourage their world class tires: performance, peace of mind, and quality. These three core values are the base of what makes Bridgestone a highly demanded tire and even though these values are designed around car tires, they transfer their same love and care into the world of off-road tires. Finding the right tire for your dirt bike is not difficult, what is difficult is finding the perfect tire for your type of riding. There are multiple variables that will depict which type of tire you are going to run. Are you riding only on tracks, strictly in the desert, or maybe a mix of both? These factors will have a say in which type of Bridgestone tire you will be running on your dirt bike so pay close attention.

Bridgestone Tires for MX

If you are a motocross racer who mostly rides track, a soft to medium soft tire would be something you are looking for depending on which type of tracks you ride. The type of track you are mostly going to ride may eat up a soft compound tire and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your tire knobs will wear down which is why it is good to know the type of track you ride. Is the dirt hard pack with miniscule rocks or is it light and fluffy like a sand track? Typically when you are riding on harder dirt surfaces that are similar to desert riding, like Glen Helen for instance, it would be advised to run a medium to hard compound tire to help increase your tires longevity and get the most out of your tires and vice versa for tracks with “softer” dirt. I usually ride in the desert and will hit my local tracks like LACR and Cal City MX park if I am going out with my buddies, so I run medium-hard tires on my dirt bike. These compounds handle better in these types of conditions and my tires are stronger to help increase resistance to the hard pack dirt, rocks, and other debris that will eat away at my tires.

A great Bridgestone Tire that will be suitable for this type of riding would be the Bridgestone M404 intermediate tire. These tires are derived from race teams and race technology to increase traction, durability, and keep up with the high outputs of power of the modern day race bikes. This tire is actually used by factory teams for the AMA Motocross and Supercross races, and in fact, Ryan Villopoto, Ricky Carmichael, and James Stewart used these tires to help them get that number1 plate at the end of the season. These Bridgestone tires will improve your traction, grip, and controllability of your dirt bike ultimately allowing you to push the limits even further and ride at your full potential. These tries are durable enough to use on medium-hard terrain surfaces as well as many other soil types, so it is safe to say that this dirt bike tire will definitely get the job done!

Other Bridgestone Tires

There are many other Bridgestone tires to choose from like the M403 (mini tire), M102 (soft tire), X20, X30, X40, and more! All of their tires incorporate racing technology that has been tested and proven to excel in specific conditions, all you need to do is find out which tire will be best for your type of riding, pick the size, and checkout! With our fast delivery and no hassle returns you can be back on the bike in no time, and if the tire doesn’t fit for whatever reason you can send it back and we will get a new set out for delivery as soon as we can! If you have any questions, give us a call, send us an email, or use our live chat feature for fast and reliable information!