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Bridgestone Motocross Tire Combo deals

Bridgestone Motocross tire combos

Bridgestone Motocross tires are used by some of the best professional AMA Motocross and Supercross riders in the business. BTO Sports allows you to run the same tires as the pros with the Bridgestone Tire combo deals that we have going on right now.


Bridgestone MX tires

BTO Sports knows how important it is to get the track you need to get the holeshot award and keep putting down lap times to help get you that number 1 plate at the end of the season or series. That is why we are having killer deals on the Bridgestone Motocross tires. Bridgestone puts their heart and passion into producing some of the best tires on the market for cars, SUVS, trucks, and motorcycles, and that same passion is put into the off-road tires as well.

Bridgestone Tire Combos

Bridgestone designs motocross tires with some of the best compounds and traction abilities on the market, you can assure that you are getting some of the best tires within the motocross industry. From the Bridgestone Battlecross X40, to the M404, which was used by Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, and Ryan Villopoto, you can guarantee that you are getting some high class motocross tires. If the factory race teams put their trust into these tires, I am positive that you can too.

Bridgestone Motocross Tire Compounds

Depending on which type of terrain you are riding is going to play a big role in deciding which motocross tires to buy. If you are riding through the desert and hard packed tracks that are rough, you are going to want a tire with a medium- hard compound to help save the life of your knobs and get traction throughout the season. Softer tires are typically used on softer, light and fluffy motocross tracks that have a mix of sand and loose dirt which won’t eat away at your tires. Personally, I don’t see the point of running soft tires unless you are serious about your racing. If you want a tire that is going to be reliable throughout most dirt consistencies you should run a medium or medium-hard compound tire.

I rip through the desert for the most part and run a hard compound tire and although I may hit the tracks occasional I am not going to change out my tires for one day on the track. I used to race and that’s when I would adjust my tire settings accordingly. I do notice that my hard tires on my 450 and medium-hard tires on my 250 don’t get as great of tractions as the medium and intermediate tires my friend runs, so if you are looking for optimal traction and cutting down on lap times, choosing the right tires could be the difference between second and first. We have a highly qualified team of staff members here at BTO sports so if you are in need of any assistance, please be ready to provide us with your bikes tire size so we can help tailor your search to the best tires for your bike and riding conditions to help making your riding experience one to remember.