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Chain Guides

Dirt Bike Chain Guides

BTO Sports has some of the best dirt bike and off-roading gear, parts, accessories, and apparel. We have been in this industry since 1991 and have learned a thing or two about why you need these products. Drive parts are essential to the performance of your dirt bike and without the proper parts and accessories, your dirt bike may not make it to the finish line. Check out all of our dirt bike parts and accessories today along with our great selection of chain guides.


Dirt Bike Chain Guides

Chain Guides are an essential piece of the pie when it comes to dirt bike drive parts and accessories. Chain guides are utilized to help keep your chain engaging with the sprocket smoothly and keep it aligned with the teeth of your sprocket. Chain guides come in various styles and colors and are made from top companies like Acerbis, TM Designworks, Hammerhead, and more!

Acerbis Chain Guide

You can purchase the full chain guide kit that comes with the chain guide and Swingarm sliders all in one convenient package or you can buy them separately. The Acerbis Chain Guide and Slide kit 2.0 are available for various models and sizes of dirt bikes and come in various colors to give your dirt bike a custom look. Acerbis makes some of the best dirt bike parts and accessories from handguards to engine covers, and even the chain guides and sliders. The chain guides and sliders offered by Acerbis are designed to meet the specifications of the OEM guide and slider and are made from high quality materials to increase durability and strength. These specific chain guides are able to be used with the stock hardware and mounting points so installation is simple.

There is also the Acerbis chain block 2.0 that is currently on sale. This Chain block is designed specifically to prevent damage to your chain, and allow it to align perfectly with your sprocket. This is chain block is highly resistant to shock wear, and helps protect the chain in the event of a collision, contact with roost or other debris, and thanks to its 100% PA6 material, the material wont bend. It is made from to separate pieces which allows it to be installed without the removal of your chain.

Case Savers

Another great product that is designed to help protect your chain and your dirt bikes engine casing is the plastic case savers from T.M Designworks and Hammerheads metal case savers. The Hammerhead case savers are the widest case savers in the industry to help protect your engine from the chain in case your chain snaps or brakes. This larger design also allows for a larger counter shaft sprocket to be used on your dirt bike so this Hammerhead case saver does not limit your sprocket use unlike other case savers. This case saver from Hammerhead is constructed from 6061 billet aircraft grade aluminum to ensure its durability and ensure the protection of your engine casing.

The T.M Designworks case saver is a plastic case saver that absorbs the impacts without transferring the energy of the snapped chain to your engine casing. This helps prevent the chain from ripping out the mounting bolts out of the casing. Along with that, these are extra-wide reinforced composite plastic case savers that help your engine casing remain fully protected from your chain.

There are plenty of dirt bike accessories and parts to choose from here at BTO Sports! If you have any questions regarding these case savers and chain guards, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you find the perfect dirt bike part. Thank you for choosing BTO Sports!