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Cycra - Cycralite Front Fenders (Suzuki)

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    Cycra - Cycralite Front Fenders (Suzuki)

    Cycra provides top of line race performance parts that will make your dirt bike look like the factory rides. They produce a magnitude of fenders, complete body kits, protection parts and multiple accessories to keep your bike looking brand new and race ready. The Cycra- Cycralite Front Fenders are a dirt bike part that will provide your dirt bike with a fresh new look while providing adequate airflow to your dirt bike. These Cycra – Cycralite Front Fender dirt bike parts are designed to have a limited edition front ventilation system in the rear and a hood scoop on the top to allow maximum airflow to the exterior of your engine casing and radiator. The Cycra – Cycralite Front Fenders provide this airflow with their patented Powerflow air scoop and air channel that routes the air at high velocities directly to the radiators. They are also equipped with a vented back section of the fender which results in 33% more airflow than the average OEM front fenders. These specific dirt bike parts are reinforced with an Integrated Fender Brace (IFB) Technology that provides adequate structural strength and durability. The Cycra – Cycralite Front Fenders are manufactured with a high quality injection molding that will ensure a perfect fit on your dirt bike and are completed with a high gloss finish to give it that factory shine we all strive for. The Cycra – Cycralite Front Fender are re-designed to match the OEM stock front fenders shape to provide customers with an easy installation process. Made in the U.S.A, these dirt bike parts are high quality performance race fenders that will leave your dirt bike looking like a factory ride.


    • Cycralite fenders provide 33% more airflow than stock fenders and are lighter weight than stock
    • OEM mounting
    • Creates better airflow than the stock fender
    • Images may not show specific front fender