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Cycra - Side Number Plate Side Panels

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Cycra - Side Number Plates

Need new side panel number plates because yours are scratched, bent damaged, or because you got a new BTO Graphic Kit? Check out the Cycra – Side Number Plate Side Panels that are an easy installation and are available in multiple colors to increase your ability to make your dirt bike one of a kind. These Cycra –Side Number Plate Side Panels are designed and engineered with a high quality injection molded fit and finish to ensure you have a perfectly fitting side number plate. These dirt bike parts are completed with their high gloss finish at the end of production to give your dirt bike that factory look and shine we all strive for. In addition to their injection molded construction that gives them their strength and durability, these Cycra – Side Number Plate Side Panels are adequately lighter than the original OEM side panels you would receive off of the showroom floor. On top of all that, the Cycra – Side Number Plate Side Panels are designed with a ventilation system that increases airflow. These dirt bike parts can be sold individually as you need them, or you may purchase a Cycra – Complete Body Kit to get a full factory look. These dirt bike accessories are sold in various sizes and colors, so when you are choosing your new Cycra – Side Number Plate Side Panels, be sure to choose the right color, make, model, and year to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. Give your bike that new factory look and shine with these Cycra – Side Number Plate Side Panels.



  • Quality, injection-molded fit and finish.
  • Lighter than stock.
  • Used by factory connection honda and factory yamaha