DID Chains

Dirt Bike Chains

DID chains are used, raced, and trusted by professional AMA motocross, MotoGP and SuperBike factory race teams across the world to ensure their riders get every advantage on the track. Their chains are world class, high performance racing chains that can literally, make or break a podium finish or clenching the championship title.

DID Chains

DID Chain

DID chains are known as one of the best manufacturers of dirt bike chains on the market and with our great selection you can get yourself looking like one of the pros with a DID chain. Used by professional riders and teams like the Red Bull Factory KTM team, Monster Energy Kawasaki and various road-racing and ATV racing teams, DID Chains are one of the top dogs in the industry.

One of DID chains that has unmatched qualities, unrivaled performance, and an unparalleled reputation is the DID 520 ERT gold chain. This chain is one of a kind and fortunately for you, BTO Sports has this chain on sale for nearly 30% off. This DID chain is used by professional motocross race teams across the world as it is one of the most dependable dirt bike chain on the market. Used by the Red Bull KTM factory Racing team, this chain is used on multi champions Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin to help them get to the checkered flag first and bring home that number 1 plate at the end of the year. The 520ERT dirt bike chain has a higher tensile rating that blows away the competition as it reached unparalleled strength and durability.

Dirt Bike Chain

The average rating of the tensile strength is roughly 8,100 pounds which can almost guarantee that your chain will last all season long. Following that is this chains new and improved design; with a 5% reduction in weight and a 3% increase in pin diameter than the former ERT chains, this DID 520ERT dirt bike chain is bigger, better, and race ready. Helping increase the high performance capabilities of this chain is the low friction characteristics this chain provides. The low friction helps maintain sprocket life as well as the longevity of your chain.

Another highly trusted DID chain that is a high performance racing dirt bike chain is the 520ERV3. This dirt bike chain is lightweight, reliable, and has race quality construction to help ensure you make it to the finish line. The low friction chain designed is exclusively for racing and the pins for all ER chains undergo a special patented heat-treatment process that allows them to increase their strength 1.5 times more than the conventional carbon heating process. This type of construction allows your chain to have one of the highest wear resistance, tensile strength and impact resistance amongst all other dirt bike chains on the market. Topping this DID 520 chain off is of course, the gold plated finish.

DID Dirt Bike Chain

One of DID chains’ newest technological breakthroughs is their newly redefine 520 dirt bike chain. This DID chain is the top choice of off-road riders where a sealed chain is necessary to make it to the end of the trail. The DID 520 VTS X-Ring chain is specifically designed to provide incredibly low friction and has 2 times the wear resistance than the standard O-ring chains. The sealed chain design allows for off-road riders and motocross riders to ease their minds as their chain is protected from dirt, sand, and other particles that can cause severe damage to the chain. This narrow DID chain is designed specifically to ensure that enduro racers get a chain that can accommodate the clearance limitations required to make it to the checkered flag.

If you have any questions regarding your new DID chain purchase, give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our friendly sales reps will be happy to help. Be sure to know which make, model, and year of dirt bike, atv, or street bike you have along with which sized chain you may need. This just helps speed up the process, and gets you back on the bike as quickly as possible. Thank you for shopping with us here at BTO Sports; we greatly appreciate your business.