Divas Snow Gear

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BTO Sports has the most complete collection of snow jackets from Divas on the out there for incredible prices. Our extensive collection of jackets has everything you would want when you’re looking for the latest all-weather jacket. With the help from Divas snow gear, you can count on us to have the most current styles and innovations to be found in snow jackets for women.

Divas Snow Gear

Divas Snow Gear was conceived in 2010 by Wendy Gavinski after many years of personal frustration with the limited selection of women's outerwear for snowmobiling and skiing. There were a few large companies making decent women's gear and apparel, but not much that had a feminine fit or a designer look. The goal was set and completed later that year. Divas Snow Gear burst onto the snowmobile scene in September 2010 with a casual line and immediately connected with the female audience. The reaction was overwhelming and Divas knew others saw the vision as well.

Next up for DSG was outerwear to fulfill the buzz growing around the casual line. By the 2011 season, the outerwear was ready to go and it was like nothing else anyone had ever seen. Complete with rhinestone accents, a feminine fit, quality materials, and a vibrant color scheme, the outerwear made an on-the-spot impact. Behind the scenes, Divas Snow Gear staff was hard at work aligning themselves with key dealerships and online retailers- ENTER BTO SPORTS! Simultaneously, Divas Snow Gear rapidly gained fans thanks to a grueling snowmobile and outdoor retail show schedule coupled with a marketing plan you would be more apt to see from an innovative tech company, rather than a niche women’s apparel business. And we’re happy to report that we have the Divas snow gear you’re looking for right on this very page!

BTO Sports is excited to offer different types of high-quality and popular Divas Snow Gear’s snow jackets to protect you are on your adventures. The leather snow boots are specifically created in order to protect you from the elements and from injuries. While high-performing and durable, the snow jackets also offer extreme comfort and amazing designs you’ll love. These versatile jackets will have you looking amazing,, while keeping you comfortable and protected.

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