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Get out on your street bike or motocross monster machine enough times and you will soon find out that riding is hard on your bikes tires, rims and tubes- in fact, changing them out due to crashes, spills, flats etc. is absolutely commonplace. And if you are looking for Dubya custom wheel set replacements, look no further. BTO Sports has a wide selection of Dubya race products that will fit your individual riding needs. Check out our low prices on this page, and see for yourself- we have the Dubya custom wheel sets you need at a price you most definitely can afford. And rest assured, we have the all of the rims, spokes and tubes to sell separately- so you’re covered either way. We have it all! Let BTO Sports be your one-stop shop for all things Dubya custom wheel sets!

Dubya Brand


Based in Southern California, Dubya USA was founded by John & Kristin Anderson to be your number one source for all things wheel. Kristin, the daughter of White Brothers owner/founder Tom White, named Dubya as a play off the letter “W” found in the family name. Another member of the Dubya Team John Anderson, himself a White Brothers employee for nearly 20 years, brings decades of experience with professional-grade wheel components to the table. Their experience, combined with Dubya’s status as the exclusive distributor of high quality components like Talon Hubs and Sprockets and Kite Performance Products makes Dubya the ideal source to satisfy our customers’ needs.

All Dubya USA wheelsets begin with a Talon or Kite hub, which are then laced to your choice of D.I.D or Excel rims using ultra-strong Bull Dog, Buchanan or Kite spokes by our skilled staff. Our wheelsets have been tested by top athletes in everything from supercross to supermoto, and have proven time and again that they are the best in the business. We offer one day turnaround on all wheelset orders, even on custom jobs! In addition to our pre-made and custom wheelsets, Dubya also distributes Talon Groovelite sprockets and footpegs, Kite footpegs, triple clamps and axle blocks, Galfer USA’s complete line of off-road brake components and kits, and stock wheel lacing services.

Talon Groovelite rear sprockets feature a self-cleaning groove to remove debris when riding in even the toughest conditions. All Groovelite sprockets are machined from high-grade aluminum alloy, making them some of the strongest and lightest sprockets on the market. Talon Groovelite sprockets are available in a stunning array of anodized colors. And they’re all right here on this page- ready to ship to you from our BTO warehouse.

And there’s footpegs too! Talon’s reputation for quality, design and inovation makes them world leader in their field. This new product follows these great traditions. This new design offers the ultimate in grip, machined from top quality materials and finished to Talon exacting standards. They feature replaceable stainless steel grub screws to give exceptional support and rider feel.

Then there’s the Dubya Rims we have here at BTO Sports. All right here on this page, you will find awesome prices on the very best. Need an example? The Excel aluminum alloy rim is the benchmark in offroad racing rim technology. Every Excel Motocross rim is engineered and designed to perform in extreme hostile environments where other rims routinely fail. Fact, Excel has won more Motocross and offroad championships - worldwide - than all competitors combined! And we have them right on this page- ready to ship!

Part of the secret is in their exclusive 7000 series aluminum alloy which has a 50% higher yield strength than competitor's 6 series aluminum. Also, the exclusive know-how in extrusion design, complex multi-step forming, advanced robotics welding, and in hard anodizing such a tough and complex material is key to Excel's strength and world market dominance. Put these Dubya rims together with the aforementioned dirt bike tires and you got one sweet set-up on the track.

So be safe out there… riding is supposed to be fun! Make sure you have the appropriate tires, rims and tubes for all of your moto and street needs. Why fret the small details? We’re right here at BTO Sports for you-with a price point that makes shopping for Dubya motorcycle parts here an easy decision.

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