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Ethika - The Staple Underwear

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Ethika - The Staple Underwear

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Ethika - The Staple Underwear

Ethika underwear is one of the most popular brands of athletic underwear and their popularity is continuously growing. They make a health variety of men’s, women’s, and kid’s underwear that are designed around comfort, form, fit, and performance. The Ethika brand is based out of San Clemente, California and dedicates their time, experience, and lifestyle to delivering everyone with the perfect pair of underwear. With a major commitment like this it is easy for companies to “run off course” and find alternative ways to produce their products, but this is not the case for Ethika. They have a set standard of morals and ethics that determines how their products are made, why they are made, and who they are made for.


Ethika Brand

Surrounding themselves with good vibes and people who are determined to provide the world with some of the most comfortable underwear in the world, Ethika is able to deliver quality products while staying true to themselves and their Family. Without their family of athletes and other iconic members of society, Ethika would not have been able to evolve into what they are today. They provide a wide range of professional action sport athletes, professional NFL and NBA players, and music artists with their underwear and other high performance undergarments. From Professional dirt bike riders like Chad Reed, Aaron Plessinger, and Axell Hodges and Professional surfers like Bree Kleintop and Kelia Moniz to Music Artists like Lil Jon and Meek Mill, Ethika strives to provide the world with nothing but the best.

Ethika athletes can be found all over the world regardless of their lifestyle. Regardless of their sport, their passion, or their lifestyle, Ethika athletes have one thing in common that unites them together at the core and that is the same demand for quality, style, and authenticity. It doesn’t matter if you can put together a sick line on the slopes, on the motocross track, or in the recording studio, if you can’t add your own originality, style, elegance, and grace into what you are doing you will not be able to differentiate yourself from the masses. Differentiating themselves is exactly what Ethika ventured to accomplish by introducing their revolutionary lines of high performance underwear.

What Ethika Stands For

Wearing Ethika underwear means to live your life free of others’ judgement and negativity, and create your own lifestyle and identity with 100% confidence. People who wear this brand of underwear have created something for themselves by dedicating years of passion, and trial and error into what they love to do. Whether it be creating music, learning new wakeboard tricks, or throwing down lap after lap on the motocross track, Ethika athletes do everything they can to be the best and you can too. Ethika underwear isn’t a fad, it isn’t “being cool”, and it isn’t trying to fit in. Wearing Ethika underwear is giving yourself the advantage over your peers and competitors to perform at your best, and making uncomfortable situations comfortable. “Ethika underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night” – Ethika. This brand of athletic underwear makes various types of underwear to choose from based on the type of lifestyle you live.

Ethika Underwear

If you’re an athlete looking for a new pair tight fitting boxer briefs or tights, Ethika has it. If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of boxers that you will never be disappointed with, Ethika makes it. If women you’re looking for a new pair of workout clothes, Ethika will have you covered. By incorporating some of the best and most comfortable blends of materials into a form fitting, high performance, underwear, Ethika is able to bring to you the Staple line of underwear.

This line of underwear is an endless selection of colors, graphic designs, and styles of Staple underwear to choose from that your mind with be blown. Left in utter confusion of which pair to get, you will have a hard time choosing just one pair of Ethika underwear. That’s okay! Take your time, sit back, and indulge in our selection of Ethika’s high performance line of athletic underwear. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase from us, but let’s be real here; you will not be dissatisfied by purchasing a pair of Ethika underwear regardless of what your daily life consists of. We have 11 different color schemes of Ethika underwear that are unique, unisex and ready to take on the same life adventures as you are. The Staple line of underwear from Ethika features the original “Staple Fit” that has unparalleled fitment and comfort. Designed to have no bunching, no rising, and no need to pull down, the 4 way stretch fabric is made from a blend of fabrics that is 90% polyester and 10% spandex.


Whether you are getting ready to hit the backcountry powder or go out to dinner with the family, there is never a reason to be uncomfortable throughout your day. Throw on a pair of Ethika underwear and get ready for anything life will throw at you. Life is like surfing. You can paddle out into the same break every day, but never catch the same wave. Be ready to ride every wave that rolls into your life and throw on a pair of Ethika underwear. You will not be disappointed.

Ethika Underwear Features:

  • The Original - Unmatched Staple Fit
  • No Pull-Down, No Gathering
  • Soft 4-Way Stretch Fabric
  • High-Quality Jacquard Waistband
  • 90% Polyester 10% Spandex


Ethika Sizing Guide:

  • Small (28-30)
  • Medium (30-32)
  • Large (33-35)
  • X-Large (36-38)
  • XX-Large (39-41)