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The awesome lightweight protection afforded by EVS gear is ideal for motocross riding. Whether you're looking for ankle braces, knee guards, shin guards, shoulder braces, or something else, EVS and BTO Sports has the quality protective EVS gear to keep you covered and rolling.

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EVS Sports Motocross Gear

EVS gear first came into being in 1985 when EVS Sports was founded. EVS Sports created the first knee brace designed specifically for motocross, the AMX-5. Now, more than three decades later, EVS gear continues to be some of the most innovative protective gear on the market. The line of EVS knee braces grew from the single AMX-5 into an extensive line of top quality motocross gear, including chest/back protection, compression gear, helmets, knee braces, neck supports, and support guards. EVS gear is so effective because EVS Sports works hard to create innovative products for ensuring rider safety on the track, off-road, and everywhere.

Perhaps most well-known for EVS neck braces and EVS knee braces, the company designs and manufactures some of the lightest, strongest protective gear available today. The EVS Web Pro knee brace is the company's flagship product and represents the culmination of more than 30 years of experience riding, designing, creating, and testing knee braces that are motocross specific. The smallest, strongest, and lightest knee brace available on the MX market, the Web Pro frame is created using a twin wall carbon fiber material, an industry first. The design also features adjustable hyperextension lockouts, a dual defense full coverage knee cup, patented anatomically correct Tru-Motion 3.0 dual alloy hinges, and a Sharkskin neoprene liner.

EVS gear at BTO Sports

EVS gear also benefits from the feedback of top MX professionals. This kind of expert advice means every piece of equipment has years of cumulative experience shaping the final design. This is critical to the success of the line, because although MX is tons of fun, it's also an incredibly demanding sport. EVS gear is up to the challenges of motocross, enduring through the hardest uses and the toughest conditions.

Shop our full line of EVS gear at BTO Sports for the ultimate in protection off-road and on the track. We have the EVS neck braces, EVS knee braces, and other EVS gear you need to stay safe screaming through to the finish line. Contact us anytime with your questions and we will be happy to work with you to find the right EVS gear for you. Thank you for choosing BTO Sports and we greatly appreciate your business!

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