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EVS - Tug Vented Short (Youth)

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    EVS Tug Vented Short YOUTH

    EVS Technical Under Gear (TUG) product is built to enhance overall rider experience. This is a youth sized EVS TUG Vented short, NOT the adult version. If you are looking for the adult verision, click here.


    Tired of getting chaffed on a long day of riding? Sick of wearing underwear the gets bunched up when you try n crank out some motos or tear up the desert trails? Well consider this fine piece of clothing the next time you hop on the saddle. EVS has created the perfect riding shorts, or “boxers” if I may, so individuals (men or women) can wear when they go out on a ride. EVS makes a few types of these shorts for adult and youth riders to ensure they get the most out of their riding experience. The EVSX Tug vented shorts are made with a lightweight and fully ventilated mesh material that allows the optimal amount of breathability and comfort.


    Designed to help prevent the discomforts of traditional underwear and provide riders with a soothing base layer, the EVS Tug vented shorts are perfect for all types of motorcycle riders. Whether you ride a dirt bike, crotch rocket, or any other type of street motorcycle, this EVS Tug vented short will help keep you riding all day long without chaffing. There is moisture wicking material, a low-profile chamois pad, that helps prevent sweat and heat built-up. EVS has done an amazing job at providing riders with a comfortable pair of riding underwear/base layer for all types of riders.

    EVS Tug Vented Short YOUTH Features:
    • Lightweight, fully ventilated mesh short.
    • Super soft elastic waistband.
    • Low-profile chamois pad acts as moisture-wicking layer between skin and protective gear.
    • Removable impact foam tailbone pad.
    • Designed with fewer seams to reduce pressure points on body.