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Get out on your street bike or motocross monster machine enough times and you will soon find out that riding is hard on your bikes tires, tubes and RIMS! In fact, changing them out due to crashes, spills, flats etc. is absolutely commonplace. And if you are looking for Excel Rims, look no further. BTO Sports has a wide selection of Excel Rims that will fit your individual riding needs. Check out our low prices on this page, and see for yourself- we have the Excel Rims you need at a price you most definitely can afford. And rest assured, we have the corresponding spokes too. We have it all! Let BTO Sports be your one-stop shop for all things Excel Rims!

Excel Dirt Bike Rims

The Excel Rims we have here at BTO Sports are located right here on this page. You will find awesome prices on the very best. Want an example? The Excel aluminum alloy rim is the benchmark in off-road racing rim technology. Every set of Excel dirt bike rims is engineered and designed to perform in extreme hostile environments where other rims routinely fail. Fact, Excel dirt bike rims have won more Motocross and off-road championships - worldwide - than all competitors combined! And we have them right on this page- ready to ship!

Part of the secret is in their exclusive 7000 series aluminum alloy which has a 50% higher yield strength than competitor's 6 series aluminum. Also, the exclusive know-how in extrusion design, complex multi-step forming, advanced robotics welding, and in hard anodizing such a tough and complex material is key to Excel's strength and world market dominance. Put these rims together with the aforementioned dirt bike tires and you got one sweet set-up on the track.

Excel’s new A60 rims are structurally 15% stronger than current Excel Takasago Signature Series Rims, yet A60 rims remain the same weight. A60’s new V-curve profile helps reduce mud buildup, keeping your bike lighter than your competition. The Excel A60 is available in black and is characterized by a metallic silver pinstripe along the edge of the rim giving A60 a distinct “works” look.

These phenomenal A60 rims can be laced to stock, Excel Pro Series or Talon Ultra Lite-II hubs. The babies were developed for the professional racer looking for increased wheel strength and durability. Racers like you! Worries about specific sizing? A60 rims are available in the following sizes:
o 21 x 1.60, 19 x 1.85, 19 x 2.15, and 18 x 2.15.

Excel Spoke Kits

Excel's 302x polished stainless steel spoke kits are 10% stronger than OE steel spokes and 15% stronger than current aftermarket stainless spokes. Excel Spoke Kits include 6061 T4 6 point forged aluminum Spline Drive® Nipples. These spoke sets are available in 8 and 9 gauge for full size Japanese MX and Off-Road applications. Mini bike spoke kits also available, but are mated with OE type steel nipples. 302x Polished Stainless Steel makes these spokes stronger than OE or current aftermarket alternatives! They features Spline Drive Nipples, come in both 8 and 9 gauge, and Mini bike kits are also available. Also available are the legendary (and necessary) Replacement nipples and spokes. Excel has thought of it all in terms of giving you the rider everything you need to succeed out there on the tracks and trails.

Excel & You

So be safe out there… riding is supposed to be fun! Make sure you have the appropriate tires, rims and tubes for all of your moto and street needs. And it would sure seem like starting with Excel Rims is a step in the winning direction. They are far and away the leader in after-market dirt bike rims. Part of Excel Rim's secret and strength is the exclusive know-how in extrusion design, complex multi-step forming, advanced robotics welding and signature heat treatments. Not to mention the hard anodizing. And with their quality and price point- it’s really easy to see why! So- Why fret the small details? We’re right here at BTO Sports for you-with a price point that makes shopping for motorcycle parts here an easy decision. Do not delay! If you need rims, get them from Excel- right here at BTO Sports.