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BTO Sports sells every last piece of the dirt bike, and many times the last piece needed is the graphic kit. Graphic kits bring the unique style and swag to the dirt bike, which in turn says a lot about the rider on the bike. We at BTO Sports know how important this component can be to a riders confidence, and we take it very seriously! For over 15 years, Factory Effex has specialized in graphics, seat covers and accessories in the Motocross market. Over the years they have expanded that passion to Sport Bike, Custom Graphics, Hard Parts, Engine Hoses and a full range of officially licensed apparel. Make no mistake, Factory Effex is a major player in the graphics industry- and we have all of their fine products right here at BTO Sports.

Factory Effex Brand

Factory Effex

With Factory Effex, the goal is to create user-friendly products of the highest quality with industry leading designs. Everyone at Factory Effex puts passion and pride into every product they sell. What’s more, Factory Effex does not make anything that they would not put on their own rides. In short, Factory Effex continuously looks to improve and offer you more products to help make your motorcycle look its very best. A recent addition to the Factory Effex product family is the Engine Hose Kit, which will add style and superior cooling functionality to your bike immediately. As they are made with reinforced woven thermoplastic and silicone materials, the Factory Effex engine hoses offer the highest quality. They also integrated a unique HDPE-coated inner lining to increase the flow of liquids. Their hoses have been tested to withstand temperatures of up to 420 degrees, which in turn offers superior cooling for your race bike that stock options cannot match. Factory Effex offers a wide range of colors in a standard replacement kit, as well as Y-Type kits that eliminate the plastic fitting found on most late-model motocross engines that can melt under extreme heat and cause engine failure.

Factory Effex

Factory Effex Graphics

Factory Effex Graphics and seat covers are the flagship product of the company, and the reason that Factory Effex is a household name in the motocross industry. Years of innovation and perfecting their craft have led to some of the most exciting looks seen on dirt bikes today. There’s little doubt that their commitment to cutting edge graphic design will only continue for years to come- you have to see Factory Effex Graphics and seat covers for yourself to fully appreciate what we’re talking about here! Let’s go over a few of the top Factory Effex graphics kits and give a base description of them to give you an overall understanding of what Factory Effex makes, why they are important, and what separates them from other/lesser graphics kit companies. Simply read on, and you’ll quickly see that Factory Effex graphics are a cut above the competition, and soon after will probably be on your dirt bike!

Some of the most popular sets of Factory Effex Graphics are the ones that replace older OEM graphics to make an older bike shine up like a new penny. Nothing helps the resale of an old bike like new plastics and a set of Factory Effex Graphics! The really great thing about these particular sets of Factory Effex Graphics is that they look exactly like the original stock graphics – in fact they make look even better! With scratch-proof printing on 12 millimeter thick Ultracurve vinyl, and a special gas tank adhesive to be used where needed, you’re getting some of the best graphics on the market. And of course, all Factory Effex graphics are pre-cut for easy installation. The next option is to choose from one of Factory Effex’ many signature or factory series replica kits. The Factory Effex graphics are made to the exact specs as the pro riders’ kits- with sponsors and detailing found on the rides of the big boys! All kits will get you covered with the shroud graphic and complete trim graphics, morphing your dirt bike into a deluxe racer. Add the seat cover and some number plate backgrounds- and your truly ready to race!

Factory EffexFactory EffexFactory Effex BackgroundsFactory Effex BackgroundsFactory Effex Graphics

Factory Effex DX1 Backgrounds

Factory Effex has made it possible for any rider of any level to customize their bike’s graphics as if they were an AMA professional racer! With the new Factory Effex DX1 Background sets, you can truly detail your bike with your own name and rider number- giving your bike the look and feel of a factory rider on the Supercross gate. And these DX1 backgrounds are CLEAN – they are the real deal used by the pros. And with the price point where it is, there is no reason to fight it- you just come here to BTO Sports and fire up a set as needed. Just a few points of interest before you order your Factory Effex DX1 backgrounds. These backgrounds need to be made so it takes at least 6 business days before they ship. All sales are final. Please double check the order before sending it. If you make a mistake we cannot refund the money. These are all custom graphics and cannot be changed once they are made. Rider Name option is free on all designs. You can use up to 20 characters- so go wild. White or black text, front plate only and AMA Logos are all available on all designs for a nominal additional charge. For front number plates with a bolt hole, your name or AMA logo will have a cutout.

Factory Effex DX1 backgrounds are custom made as they are ordered therefore, there will be NO RETURNS allowed on this item. Please take extra care and double check your order before you submit it. Factory Effex graphics, seat covers and backgrounds are a great way to enhance the look of your dirt bike. Making your bike stand out in a crowd has been made simple. And they’re made with the highest quality materials to insure that they will serve your off-road needs for years to come. So come on down to the Factory Effex page here at BTO Sports and peruse all the great choices available to you, and make your dirt bike a one-of-a-kind piece of motocross art!

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The fit was great for my 2007 cr125... It was on backorder but only took a day to restock. Highly recommend