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Fly Racing - Barricade Body Armor

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    Fly Racing - Barricade Body Armor

    Fly racing has grown and developed into one of the fastest growing powersports apparel brands in the North American Market. Fly racing started out manufacturing motocross helmets and handlebars in 1998, but quickly grew extended their line of products to mountain biking, BMX, Snow gear, street gear, and causal wear. They provide a large range of motocross protective gear that will have you covered head to toe. One of piece of their motocross protective gear is their Fly Racing – Barricade Body Armor. This highly protective piece of equipment comes equipped with a hard plastic shell that will keep you safe during the gnarliest crashes. A hard plated spin protector in the back, and a solid chest plate in the front, are just the backbone of this high impact resistant Fly Racing – Barricade Body Armor. These armor plates are easily removable so you are able to wear this as a pull over with your favorite roost guard. The Fly – Racing Barricade Body Armor is designed with a built-in kidney belt for added comfort and adjustable straps to ensure you have a customized fit. This  dirt bike protective gear is available in two different versions, short sleeve and long sleeve, to accomodate your preffered style. The long sleeve version comes with an extended shoulder pad and elbow guards to ensure full protection, while the short sleeve is only equipped with the shoulder pads. Lightweight and extremely durable, the Fly Racing – Barricade Body Armor will defend your body against some of the most treacherous terrain.



    • High Impact Molded Chest With Integrated Hard Plastic Plates - for maximum protection and comfort
    • Back and Chest Protection is Removable  - for use with your favorite roost guard
    • Built-in Kidney Belt - for added protection
    • Adjustable Straps - allow for an extensively customized fit
    • Genuine YF Brand Shoulder and Elbow Protection
    • Articulating Impact Resistant Back Protection
    • All Hard Plastic Protection is Removable for Cleaning