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Fly Racing - Formula Helmet (Youth)

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    Youth Formula Helmet
    The Formula Helmet is the absolute in total head protection. The Adaptive Impact System (AIS) is a high-performance ecosystem of structural design and energy mitigating materials. Each layer of the AIS from RHEON enhanced Energy Cells, to the dual-density EPS liner, and the 12k carbon fiber shell, was carefully fine-tuned to achieve the goal of creating the highest performing helmet possible.

    Fly Racing are serious about rider safety and have incorporated the Formula helmet with many safety features, some never before seen on a motocross helmet.  A 12K carbon fiber shell, dual density EPS liner with Conehead technology and Fly's own Active Impact System featuring RHEON enhanced energy cells, this is the best helmet that Fly has ever produced. 

    RHEON Energy Cells 
    Invented by Dr. Dan Plant, RHEON is impact energy cells that maximize absorption of low speed linear and rotational impacts. The unique shape and maze-like structure allow them to compress and shear. This slight movement maximizes absorption of low-speed and rotational impacts, reducing overall stress on the brain. RHEON's adaptive chemistry reacts instinctively to absorb energy depending on the severity or direction of an impact. 

    Expanded EPS and Conehead Technology
    The Formula helmet incorporates lower density expanded volume EPS in critical zones of the helmet. This provides improved suspension for impacts. Combined with conehead technology that absorbs and dissipates impact forces more effectively than traditional helmets. Conehead technology provides a more progressive absorption of energy and which is why the Formula has six critical zones outfitted with this technology. 

    12K Carbon Shell
    Carbon fiber makes the Formula helmet extremely lightweight while being resilient to penetration, thanks to the 12K carbon fiber. 


    • ECE/DOT approved
    • 12k carbon fiber shell produces an extremely lightweight (~2.8lbs) shell with superior penetration resistance
    • Impact Energy Cells help to maximize absorption of low speed rotational impacts to the brain
    • Strategic areas of the helmet have more impact absorbing EPS
    • The clavicle shell relief zone creates a soft area filled with EPS & EPP to reduce collar bone injuries
    • Integrated nose guard
    • Interior comfort liner and cheek pads are made of a washable, moisture wicking, anti-microbial material
    • Premium helmet garage included with purchase