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FXR - Factory Ride Boot

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    FXR - Factory Ride Boot

    As a welcomed new addition to the US motocross and off-road riding market, Canadian-based FXR has made a strong push in recent years to disrupt trends of consumers being stuck buying gear from the same bigger companies year after year. The development in the last generations of the successful Clutch, Revo and Helium series gear, have shown that despite being a relative newbie in the genre, FXR has been doing their homework. Due to this success, the next necessary steps were taken in introducing more innovative products such as the new Factory Ride Boot series. With the utilization of a one peice , non-hinged chassis, bonded 2 peice outsole, sleek shaped and a well-developed understanding of comfort ergonomics, FXR has brought game changing head protection choices to a world so seemingly saturated at times with cheap design knock-offs and trend based ideas of the time. All these design aspects provide a rider experience of maximum dorsal and lateral support on hard landings and impacts, while providing comfort in every scenario from short motos to lengthy outdoor rides. Highlights of the new FXR Factory Ride Boot are listed below:

    • FXR’s all new MX Boot has been engineered to meet the performance demands and durability standards of both MX and Off-Road riders alike
    • Built on a one-piece, non-hinged chassis, the boot is designed to provide maximum dorsal and lateral support on hard landings and impacts
    • A sleek shaped, bonded two-piece outsole, combined with cushioned flex inserts in the Tongue and Achilles, allows the rider to have positive feedback on controls and seamless interaction with the bike, with minimal break in period
    • The FXR MX Boot offers maximum protection with premium feel and control over the bike, giving riders the confidence to push their limits without worrying about their equipment holding them back
    • Bonded two-piece outsole construction is highly durable and resistant to abrasion and impact
    • Molded, convex-shaped TPU shin plate for maximum impact protection
    • Adjustable aluminum buckles with a solid, click-lock closure
    • Leather heat shield on the side of the boot for protection agaist exhaust burns
    • Elastic gaiter w/Velcro closure provides a comfortable rim around the calf while sealing off the top of the boot
    • One piece molded plastic inner panel prevents wear on the boot from the frame and provides excellent flex support
    • Textured toe area for traction on the shift lever
    • Cushioned Tongue and Achilles flex inserts for added comfort