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Gaerne Motocross Gear

When it comes to riding dirt bikes, you need strength, fitness, concentration, finesse, and the right protective gear. Technically the gear is the easy part; it's the only thing you can buy! The rest you have to work for and earn over time.

Gaerne boots in action

Helmets are obviously your most critical piece of motocross gear, but your footwear isn't far behind. Gaerne boots are awesome for ensuring the safety and comfort of your ankles, calves, and feet as you race, no matter how hard they hit the dirt or how hot the bike gets. And for those many times your feet will be anchoring you as you corner and helping you stay on the track instead of falling, your Gaerne dirt bike boots have what it takes to withstand the punishment of repeated sprays of roost and impacts with the ground. Your ankles and feet are structured with more than two dozen bones, many of them delicate and easily breakable. Gaerne motocross boots offer the kind of serious armor and support your bones demand to emerge from high speed impacts intact. You'll love the best in class protection you get from Gaerne MX boots; they surpass other boots and provide the best protection for your ankles, calves, and feet.

The Gaerne difference

As you shop for Gaerne boots, look for reinforced, heat resistant materials. Those reinforcements will be manufactured from elements like extra padding, polyurethane, and steel, all of which work to offer the ultimate in comfort and the best defense. Gaerne boots are handmade in Italy, just like other truly high-end footwear brands. There's no huge factory in some other country with laborers stitching the boots together; these are totally local, crafted by skilled artisans from the finest quality leather, the toughest materials, and the strongest soles. Together, these components make up what many longtime riders see as the best, most comfortable MX boot available. Look to Gaerne boots for high-tech, innovative features such as the rubber “grip guard” which keeps you in place on the bike and the uni-pivot which provides more comfort and support. Other features to look for include achilles flex zones, a buckle lock system, reinforced shin plate protectors, removable arch support, shock absorbing padding, and steel toe and heel guards. If you're not sure about which Gaerne boots are right for you, contact BTO Sports today. We love the sport as much as you do, and we're here to help.

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