Gaerne - SG-12 Boots

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    Gaerne - SG12 Boots

    The Gaerne SG-12 boots are some of the most exciting and well-built motocross boots you can get. Coming in a variety of colors, there is no excuse not to match with your favorite dirt bike or ATV. Whether you have a KTM 500, a CRF450F, a YZ250F, or a KX450F, you can definitely get the right Gaerne SG-12 boots to set your ride off. Motorsports would never be the same without Gaerne. This company has been in the motocross industry forever, and has been churning out high-quality products since the need for motocross boots. Gaerne boots are made in Italy, with the highest quality materials available and the famous Italian craftsmanship that the whole world earns for.

    If performance is what you’re looking for, Gaerne has you covered as well. The SG-12 has a brand new toe box that is slimmer and makes for a better feel of the bike that allows for increased shifting potential. This exciting new design gives you a better profile with a slimmer shape and toe that not only looks great, but lets you use your shift lever and dirt bike controls to the best of your ability. Combined with the new sole, the SG-12 gives a world of features that will help you be the best on the dirt track. The Sole uses a dual composite rubber that is anti-shock- it’s the kind that Gaerne has become famous for the world over.
    Fitment is no slouch either. The Dual Stage Pivot System is groundbreaking in the motocross boot industry. Gaerne owns the patent for this and is the sole manufacturer for it. The system keeps your feet where it’s supposed to be and never lets go. The SG-12 Boot moves with you, and not against you. Whether you are moving laterally, or any which way you can think of, Gaerne has figured out a way to lightly keep your sole in place naturally. Combine this system with the strengthened buckles and you have a strong, durable boot that just performs.

    Last, but not least, the front plate/shin guard fits any calf and shin perfectly. The anatomically correct shape also allows for a larger fit for larger calves by unscrewing just a couple screws. This increased customization of size, accompanied with the pivot system and lightweight buckles, make the Gaerne SG-12 boots, one of the best dirt bike boots on the market.
    Come to BTO Sports for your pick in a variety of colors for the Gaerne SG-12. From blue and grey, to black and flo yellow, or even Red, white and blue, to teal and black, these boots are made to be customized not only to the dirt bike rider physically, but also customized to their styles. Find the best deals on every SG-12 on our site, with the biggest collection of Gaerne boots on the internet. We pride ourselves on being one of the greatest providers of not just Gaerne boots, but dirt bike boots in general.


    •  Updated Slim Toe Box for greater shifting and braking feel of the bike. This new design features a slimmer shape in the toe area for an improved feel of the shift lever and the bike's controls. The entire area is wrapped by a new plastic material which is lighter and provides more comfort and feel for the bike as well.
    • The Sole of the SG-12 is also a new design. This sole is new in look, but still uses the Gaerne Dual Composite anti-shock rubber that has made Gaerne soles famous around the world.
    • Improved inner grip guard for abrasion resistance.
    • Dual Stage pivot system. This revolutionary new system is patented and exclusive to Gaerne and is certainly going to be a hit. The first pivot is attached to the Razorback. This provides a rigid component that offers strong lateral support while a glide-plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position.
    • The second pivot is fixed on a sliding glide that allows the riders foot to feel natural while on the peg in a shifting or braking situation. However, it will not bottom out and absorb shock in the case of over jumping a jump or in the case of unwanted compression.
    • The New front plate/shin guard is a thermoplastic shin plate that is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit. By removing three screws a rider can also make the opening wider to accommodate a bigger leg or knee brace.
    • The Gaerne SG-12 utilizes four lightweight alloy buckles that attach to an adjustable strap.
    • On the inside you will find the famous Gaerne memory cell foam known for the most comfortable feel and fit ride after ride.