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Gaerne Motocross Boots

Gaerne Boots Dirt Bike Motocross Boots

BTO Sports has the largest access to Gaerne boots to meet your riding style and budget. With our massive inventory, you’ll have one of the best riding boots on the market for the most affordable price. Gaerne motocross boots are supported by a solid reputation for quality and durability. For more than 45 years, Gaerne has been a leading provider for motocross boots, which are handcrafted in Italy for unmatched quality and comfort. Made from the finest materials, these boots are made to withstand anything you have to throw at them.

Gaerne Boots


Gaerne motocross boots have been one of the few top level boots brands on the market to be able to hold onto that high ranking, and high quality standard. Not only does Gaerne make dirt bike boots, but they also make great explorer boots, adventure boots and street riding boots. Gaerne boots are some of BTO sports employees favorite boots to where while we are out riding our dirt bikes. But it would be safe to say that the quality, and comfort spills over to the Gaerne Explorer boots and the Gaerne G-Adventure boots.

If you want to start at the top of the food chain for Gaerne you would start off with the SG-12 boots. These high end Gaerne dirt bike boots are great for the serious dirt bike racer out there looking to have the best of the best when it comes to boots. Next down the line would be the SG-11 which are not as popular as the SG-12 boots but still remain at the top of the quality, and comfort ladder when talking about dirt bike boots. For us the most popular boot under this brand would be the Gaerne SG-10 boots. These come in at a price point that feels like a mid-level dirt bike boot, but brings all the bells and whistles that the SG-11 bring. Another great thing about is boot brand is their entry level boots the Gaerne GX1’s.

Gaerne motocross boots

Gaerne Boots

This is as low as Gaernes pricing will go when talking about boots. But like we mentioned before Gaerne does not do anything with half quality standards in mind. Of course when you are shopping with us here at BTO Sports we will have Gaerne boot sizing charts so you can make sure you get the best size for your foot. Also outside of offering a great selection of Gaerne boots, we also offer some Gaerne boot closeout deals on our site. You can find discounts up to the 20% off range when shopping for closeout deals. If you ever have any question about Gaerne boots or just shopping questions in general please do not hesitate to call us at 888-613-3393 or drop us an email at [email protected] We are here to help you.