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Kali Helmets

If you’re looking for a top-end MTB helmet or Bike helmet, the discussion should certainly start with Kali Protectives. Kali Protectives manufactures industry leading Composite Fusion™ head and body protection for today's rider.

Kali was born as the result of a significant breakthrough in helmet safety technology - Composite Fusion™. What started as an engineering challenge to remove unnecessary impact G forces found in traditionally constructed helmets quickly became the benchmark for helmet safety. Composite Fusion™ merges the helmet shell and foam, enabling us to use a thinner shell altogether. A thinner helmet shell allows impact G forces to dissipate more effectively into the energy-absorbing foam, eliminating the double spike in G’s inherent in other helmets - note the red line on the graph. Composite Fusion™ also substantially reduces the size and weight of a helmet, which means less mass is attached to your head before a crash.

Current helmet safety standards are based on experiments conducted in the early 1970’s, well before we understood the long term effects of concussions, or even began thinking of rotational injuries. To pass these standards, helmets constructed by traditional methods must have hard shells and foam, which can compromise their ability to perform at low to medium speed impacts which can lead to concussions.

Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives patented Composite Fusion™ technology incorporates the EPS foam directly with the helmet shell. Instead of creating two separate pieces like traditional helmet construction, they directly fuse the foam and shell composites together. Through this process they have found that not only are the forces to your head reduced upon impact, but they can also produce a significantly lighter helmet.

The cutaway shows Kali’s breakthrough in-molding in a full face helmet. There is no gap between the foam and helmet shell, and the shell is also significantly thinner. This allows the impact forces to get straight to the energy-absorbing foam. With helmet shells, less is definitely more. Composite Fusion™ helmets absorb the energy of an impact more fluidly than traditional helmets. The graph research conducted showed constant impact dissipation through the fused foam and shell connection, reducing energy spikes.

Building on Kali Protectives’ heritage of safety innovation, Composite Fusion™ Plus takes things to the next level. Literally years in impact test labs have yielded specific foam configurations - geometric shapes that when molded correctly actively decrease impact forces even further. Note the two foam densities working together, grey and white. Those grey triangles are actually conical shapes that help dissipate energy laterally on impact. These geometric structures re-direct crash energy, forcing the energy to radiate outward through the foam instead of straight to your head. Simply put, it's a no brainer.

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