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KG Clutch Factory Motocross Gear

KG Clutch Factory Motocross Gear

At BTO Sports, we know that the bottom line in the dirt bike business is fun! While we have all the gear to keep you protected, your bike needs its engine to be running smoothly. We have all those critical engine parts as well as the extra items to really enhance your dirt bike’s overall performance and thus your overall riding experience. No part better exemplifies that need for speed and performance than the clutch- and we are proud to sell KG Clutch Fatory Kits! And due to the rough nature of dirt bike riding more often than not, the need for replacing these clutches comes into play- and BTO Sports has got them!

Industry insiders trust one name in clutches more than any other; KG Clutch Factory. Since the beginning, KG Clutch Factory has been providing clutch components that cover everything your ATV, off-road, or street bike requires. Manufactured in the same Japanese factories that produce the friction discs for the OEMs, KG Clutch Factory utilized years of experience and clutch know how in order to bring riders the absolute best clutch replacements available on the market. We at KG Clutch Factory are pleased to announce the next evolution in the KG name:

KG Powersports

With a new name and new image come new possibilities. KG Powersports is proud to introduce their first new offering under the KG Powersports banner: the TUF Race Kit. Teaming up with Arenacross legends from TUF Racing, they offer a racer designed and tested race kit, complete with their high quality friction, steels, stronger than OEM springs, and a clutch cover gasket or O’ring. It has everything you need to hit the track and lead the pack.

In addition to that, KG Powersports are constantly adding new parts to meet your application needs. And we here at BTO Sports will have all the updated part numbers for easy ordering. In the next few weeks, they will announce a brand new product line. KG Powersports and a leading OEM have teamed up, and we think you will like what you see. Please surf around this KG page and get connected with their quality products! With BTO Sports and KG, you’ll be glad you came here.

The engine parts we have here at BTO Sports are wildly popular, as they not only are almost assuredly lee expensive than the OEM replacement parts, but usually perform better! For this reason alone, engine replacement products are flying off the BTO shelves. Equipped with today’s latest engine parts, you can crank up your bike and hit top speeds in the blink of an eye… and tell your friends all about it at the same time- all from the seat of your moving dirt bike.

Indeed, you can bet that at BTO Sports, we know the value of a finely-tuned riding machine. And we also know that it all starts with an immaculate clutch generating the power needed to tear up the tracks and trails of today’s motocross rider. To that end, we have it all- because having the latest clutch kits, parts and accessories available surely make your shopping experience here at BTO Sports that much more satisfying!

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