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Kids Dirt Bike Gear

Buy Dirt Bike Gear For Kids!

Here at BTO Sports we know how important it is to establish your personality and style both on and off of the track, which is why we carry many different cool youth motocross clothing styles and deluxe youth dirt bike apparel designs for kids to choose from.


Kids Riding Gear

Our motocross and dirt bike jerseys, boots, helmets, pants and goggles are all designed with safety in mind, but don't worry. You won't be sacrificing your style. You can have the best of both worlds with all of our great youth motocross apparel from top brands like Shift, Fox, Moose Racing, Thor, Troy Lee, O'Neal and more. You are sure to look cool while still riding safe with our kids' motocross apparel and kids' dirt bike apparel.

Kids Casual Apparel

Want people to know you're into motocross or dirt bikes off the track too? We have a giant selection of casual kids' motocross clothing and youth dirt bike apparel, including t-shirts, hats, jackets and hoodies from all of the most popular brands like Answer, Fox, One Industries, Thor and more. Our casual kids' motocross clothing is great for school, going out with friends or cheering on your favorite motocross or dirt bike rider.

We know motocross and dirt bike gear can be expensive, and you probably have a lot of other expenses to worry about too, so we strive to keep our kids' motocross clothing and youth dirt bike apparel quality high and prices low. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call us toll-free at 888-613-3393 (for international orders call 805-777-7601), email us (top of page under helpful links - contact us), or use our live chat to get an instant response from one of our sales reps.

Kids and Youth Dirt Bike Gear

When it comes to off-road riding, Kids Dirt Bike Gear will most often include the basics: jersey, pants and gloves. The jerseys are constructed with moisture wicking polyester and large-hole polyester mesh for enhanced flexibility and airflow. The athletic collar and cuffs are minimalist for a more exact fit, and the jersey stays tucked into pants thanks to a drop tail. These are without doubt a critical piece of Kids Dirt Bike Gear. But we’re just getting started!

The pants included in these sets of Kids Dirt Bike Gear are often crafted with 900D polyester fabric for durability and woven 4-way stretch fabric for mobility. The knee system includes two layers of durable material including a flexible inner layer and outer panels made of leather that are both abrasion and heat resistant. You can’t hit the open road or the dirt trails without pants that can take the rigors of untimely falls- pants are that pieced of Kids Dirt Bike Gear that can save your kids from innumerable bruises, cuts and abrasions… so make them one of your first pieces of moto gear.

In keeping with the rest of the Kids Dirt Bike Gear combo, the next critical pieced of motorcycle riding gear are the gloves. In most cases, the gloves have a number of wonderful protective features to keep your kid’s hands safe: these include neoprene construction for both comfort and stretch-ability. Not to mention top-of-hand venting for better breathability and durability. Another outstanding feature is a silicone lever grip, which will greatly improve your control of the bike. Today’s youth moto gloves look and feel great- you will quickly consider them one of the most comfortable parts of your child’s motorcycle gear.

 Kids Motocross Gear

Kids Dirt Bike Gear

No part of the Kids Dirt Bike Gear set is more important than the boots! Alpinestars and Gaerne are obviously two of the biggest and best manufacturers of kids motocross boots in the world. And as fate would have it, both brands are readily available right here in the Kids Dirt Bike Gear section more often than not! The Alpinestars Tech 6s are specifically designed and sized for junior riders. The inner side of the boot is specifically designed for control and features thick and wide stamped suede designed for excellent contact and grip against the bike. They include a shock-absorbing insert on the back of the boot, and a new form-fitting PU gasket that literally seals water out of the boot! Then there’s the Gaerne SG-J Boot. This kids' boot is without a doubt one of the best money can buy. We used top grain leather for the main construction and a soft microfiber on the front to give a comfortable fit.

And that’s just two of the hundreds of options. You can not only find a great price on boots, but from top brands. The savings are constantly being passed on to our customers here at BTO Sports, because we know that value is what the customer wants most, and frankly what the customer deserves.

Kids motocross gear

Make no mistake, Kids Dirt Bike Gear starts here with the basics, and we have all the options right here at BTO Sports. So remember, Kids Dirt Bike Gear is truly a passion for rabid fans of the open road. Finding that new piece of motorcycle riding gear can transform and enhance your overall riding experience more dramatically than just about any other way imaginable. Having the comfort and safety that comes with wearing top Kids Dirt Bike Gear will give you and your children countless riding memories. And we have it all right here at BTO Sports. Get some!

Be sure to be on the lookout for more kid-friendly bikes that utilize electric bikes in the future. These electric dirt bikes are like rockets and include the brand razor. Razor bikes are trying their best to get these bikes that are electric started. Going electric in the dirt would be safe for kids and adults alike, but kids would benefit most greatly. Electric dirt bikes are the future, and BTO Sports believe in Razor and the future of electricty in kids dirt bike gear. Be sure to tune in when we have awesome new bikes with this technology for kids everywhere!

It may not seem like your little speed freak is headed for any famous finish lines yet, but every motocross and Supercross champion starts somewhere, and all of them start with kids dirt bike gear. For most champions, a passion for the sport is rooted in a simple love for riding a dirt bike from a young age. No matter how into the sport your kid is or what their goals are, loving the sport can only happen if they're safe and secure when they ride, and that's where great gear comes into play.

 Youth Motocross Gear

Youth Dirt Bike Gear

You already know we carry the top brands you love, including Alpinestars, Answer, Fox, Fly, O’Neal, and Thor, and the same is true with our youth dirt bike gear. If you're looking for quality boots, gloves, helmets, jerseys, pants, and riding armor, we've got you and your kids covered. Our kids dirt bike gear will give you the peace of mind you get from knowing your child is safe, and it will give your child the thrill of either creating a replica look of their favorite rider, or coming up with a totally original style of their own.

Our youth dirt bike gear will protect even the smallest riders against crashes, roost, and whatever else comes. Kids motocross gear is even lighter than your high end gear, but just as flexible and durable. It's comfortable enough to motivate them to wear it, and tough enough to ensure that it makes it through each and every knock and fall. When it's time to kick start a lifetime of MX riding adventure, BTO Sports is your youth dirt bike gear source.

Youth Motocross Gear

If your kids are champing at the bit to get competitive on the track, get them geared up and set them loose! The race track is the place to be competitive and learn about great sportsmanship. BTO Sports carries a huge selection of youth dirt bike gear to get kids ready for tons of off-road riding adventure and fun. From boots to helmets, we've got what your kids need from top brands like Alpinestars, Answer Racing, BiLT, Fly Racing, Fox Racing, Leatt, MSR, O’Neal, One Industries, Thor MX, Troy Lee Designs, and more.

Shopping for kids dirt bike gear at BTO Sports lets you get the gear your kids want (and you need them to have) without dropping a fortune and sending your blood pressure soaring. We have the latest styles and a tremendous selection, all at low prices. Browse our selection here to find your favorites. If you have questions or can't find what you want, reach out to us anytime.

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