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When the Leatt neck brace came out it revolutionize the motocross game. No one had ever seen a neck brace like the leatt brace when it first came out. The neck brace was cutting edge, and actually made sense it the ways that it would help protect your neck from sustaining a life ending injury while rider your motorcycle. The Leatt Brace company sold their first neck brace in South Africa where their headquarters is located back in 2004. Surprisingly enough it took another 3 years for the leatt neck brace to really grab ahold of the motocross market and it 2007, RacerX magazine put the brace on the cover of their magazine. Shortly after that, RacerX announced that the Leatt Neck Brace won product of the year for 2007. The leatt brace is still today, the most popular protection for your neck in the industry.

Leatt Brace

Leatt Neck Brace

Outside of Leatt’s most popular item the neck brace, they have unrolled many new items that play along with leatt protection. The leatt body protectors that go under your gear are the second most popular protection items they have come out with. This includes the Leatt Airfit lite body protector, the LEatt Airflex impact shorts, the Leatt body protector 3DF, and the Leatt body vest 3DF. They also have created a full line of mountain bike protection gear, covering the riders elbows, knees, gloves, and of course a specially designed Leatt neck brace only for mountain biking use.

Leatt Brace Protection

Once Leatt was able to nail down all these different style of protection pieces for both the motocross rider, and the mountain bike rider, they turned to a new endeavor a helmet line. The Leatt GPX 6.5 carbon helmet was their first helmet to hit the motocross market. The helmet did not start off super strong but seemed to climb up the popularity charts. Once the 6.5 helmets stood on the market for over a year, they released another line of helmets the Leatt GPX 5.5 helmet dropped with a lower price point and did a lot better with the popularity.

Leatt Brace Helmet

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