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    Leatt - 2.5 Chest Protector

    Product Code: LEATT-2-5-CHEST-PROTECTOR

    Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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     Leatt - 2.5 Pro Chest Protector

     Dr. Leatt filed his first neck-brace related patent in 2003 and went on to found the Leatt Corporation in 2007. Since the introduction of the acclaimed Leatt-Brace, Leatt has expanded and diversified their product catalog. In less than a decade, Leatt has become one of the leaders in body armor and protective motorsports gear. Leatt manufactures some of the most innovative and thoughtful protective gear on the market. Their protective gear is designed by medical professionals and biomedical engineers to ensure their products take safety and performance to the next level. Leatt has introduced the new Leatt 2.5 chest protector which continues to uphold their reputation as the industry leader in quality, safety and performance. The 2.5 protector is a great addition to the Leatt line of products, and is one of the best chest protectors on the market.

    The Leatt 2.5 chest protector is guaranteed to prevent riders from sustaining any injuries on the occasion of a fall or impact. It is CE tested and certified as roost protection from rock and other debris, and is awarded a Leatt® protection score of three points. It offers excellent protection to the chest and back of the rider. The chest protector is secured by adjustable straps that run up and over the shoulders prevent slippage, which is a great feature to have in a dirt bike chest protector. Additionally, the chest protector also adds some protection around the rider’s flanks. Adjustment straps are located around the middle of the chest protector in case the rider needs to tighten or loosen it for a more custom fit. This close fit allows the Leatt 2.5 chest protector to be worn over or under the rider’s jersey, depending on the preference of the rider. This chest protector lacks shoulder pads and full flank protection that other Leatt protectors afford. However, this model weighs half as much, at one and a half pounds, which affords the wearer a wider range of motion and better performance.

    The Leatt 2.5 chest protector does not have an Airfit layer like other protectors in the Leatt line, in exchange for a less bulky fit. Underneath the hard protective shell lies a mesh base layer. This increases airflow through the chest protector to keep the rider cool, even while riding at lower speeds. The absence of additional layers makes this chest protector the most breathable in the entire Leatt catalog. The Leatt2.5  chest protector is one of the most protective and well ventilated chest protector on the market. Like many other Leatt products, the 2.5 protector can be worn with or without the Leatt neck brace. This dirt bike chest protector has recesses engineered into the front and that integrates with the neck brace perfectly. This model comes in a black or white option.

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    • Hard shell protector
    • CE tested and certifies as roost protection Chest EN14021
    • Total Leatt® protection score of 3 points
    • Our 3D design ensures a great fit that is very comfortable
    • Mesh layer base
    • Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use
    • Liberal venting helps keep rider cool
    • Recess area in both the front and back with Leatt neck braces perfectly
    • Adjustable waist straps for great fit
    • Weight: 720g – 1.59lbs
    • Adult (110-176lbs)