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Leatt - 3DF AirFit Lite Body Tee

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    Leatt - 3DF AirFit Lite Body Tee

    Dr. Leatt filed his first neck-brace related patent in 2003 and went on to found the Leatt Corporation in 2007. In less than a decade, Leatt has become one of the leaders in the body armor and protective gear industry. Leatt manufactures some of the most innovative and thoughtful protective gear, inspired by the top medical professionals and biomechanical engineers in the industry. Since the introduction of the acclaimed Leatt-Brace, Leatt has expanded and diversified their product catalog.  The Leatt Corporation continues to release new products that further establish themselves as the industry leader in quality, safety and performance. The GPX line of motorsports gear, body armor and apparel is the newest line of products from Leatt. Included in this release is the brand new Leatt Body Tee 3DF Airfit Lite. This is one of the most protective motocross armor available.


    The Leatt Body Tee is one of the best soft body armor options on the market. It is made out of 3DF perforated impact foam. This high tech foam is soft and flexible when unstressed, and hardens quickly upon impact. The padding is layered like a sandwich which allows the layers to glide past each other. This feature affords the rider a lot of flexibility while riding, as opposed to stiff body armor. The body tee weighs less than three pounds thanks to its slim design. The soft body armor adds extra protection to the chest, back and shoulders. The body tee is CE tested and certified as protective equipment and also received an in house protective score of thirteen points. The Leatt Body Tee can be worn in conjunction with a Leatt neck brace, but can be used without on as well. For those who opt to not wear the additional motocross armor, the protector provides additional upper chest protection. The chest protector is perforated with multiple layers to ensure great protection. The chest pad is secured in place by an elastic strap.


    The Body Tee 3DF Airfit Lite has many great features that make this soft body armor a great protection option. In addition to the great protection it provides, it is also super comfortable. The soft body armor is perforated, which allow the armor to breathe. The Leatt Body Tee 3DF Airfit Lite is made out of MoistureCool fabric. MoistureCool is a wicking material that draws moisture away from the skin and into the fabric where it can evaporate. This has a cooling effect, which is a great feature, since motocross armor tends to get pretty stuffy. The body tee is also odor-free thanks to the zinc pyrithion anti-bacterial properties. The body tee is washable, in case it does get dirty. The padding can be removed easily and washed to keep the body protector fresh.


    BTO Sports offers all of the newest motocross armor, apparel and gear, like the brand new Leatt Body Protector 3DF Airfit Lite. We offer so many great deals on all the best soft body armor! Additionally, we carry a wide variety of Leatt apparel, body armor and protective gear.



    • 3DF AirFit ventilated soft impact foam
    • CE tested and certified as impact protection: Chest prEN1621-3 level 1
    • Back EN1621-2 level 1
    • Elbow and shoulder EN1621-1
    • FFM-French Federation Certified
    • Total Leatt® protection score of 13 points
    • Multi-layer, perforated back and chest protectors
    • Lighter, more comfortable and more flexible
    • Extra upper-chest impact protection layer for non-neck brace users
    • Anti-odor MoistureCool and AirMesh wicking fabrics (uses zinc pyrithion)
    • Elastic chest strap to give more secure protector positioning
    • 3D design ensures a great fit that is very comfortable
    • Easy-to-wear, zip-up compression sock design for maximum evaporation
    • BraceOn™ neck brace fitting system
    • Easy to clean: hand wash
    • Weight: 1.100g – 2.4lbs