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Leatt - Contour Elbow Guards (Youth)

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     Leatt - Contour Elbow Guard (Youth)

    Leatt makes an extensive line of motocross protective gear for youth riders to help build their confidence in the early stages of learning to ride their motorcycle. The Leatt- Contour Elbow Guards (youth) are great youth elbow guards that won’t break the bank, but will provide ample protection for youngsters. These Leatt- Contour Elbow Guards (youth) are engineered with a 3-demisnional ergonomic design that provides the rider with a perfect fit, and are slim and sleek to fit underneath the jersey. Fitting the Leatt- Contour Elbow Guards (youth) under the jersey ensures that these youth elbow guards will not slide down or move around during the ride and will stay securely in place. If they were on the over the jersey, they would not have the secure fitment on the riders arm and the rider will have to make minor adjustments throughout their ride causing major distractions, and discomfort. By placing it under the jersey, the youth elbow guards ensure a perfectly tightness, and comfortability that will allow the rider to charge the trails, or the track in confidence and increase his/her riding level with every ride. These Leatt- Contour Elbow Guards (youth) are equipped with MoitsureCool wicking fabric that prevents the build-up of sweat and will keep the rider nice and cool on those hotter than average ride days. The 3DF impact foam is CE certified for impact protection and to provide maximum protection, the Leatt- Contour Elbow Guards (youth) have a high density poly ethylene hardshell outer shield to defend against roost, rocks, gravel and other debris that could cause damage to the riders arms. Protect your little rippers with the Leatt- Contour Elbow Guards (youth) and purchase a set before their next ride day!


    • 3 dimensional designed for perfect fit
    • Light weight
    • Great comfort
    • Slim over or under the jersey design
    • LEATT HDPE High Density Poly Ethylene hardshell outer protective shield
    • MoistureCool wicking fabric keeps you cooler
    • LEATT 3DF impact foam for premium protection
    • CE certified for impact protection CE EN1621-1
    • Sold as a pair