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In 1971, off-road racer Malcolm Smith took his legendary talents from the track to the business world and founded MSR. His aim was to make the best quality motocross gear accessible to all kinds of riders, and to share his experience and knowledge with both experienced riders and new converts to the sport. Since that time, MSR motocross has been turning out motocross gear and motocross kits that enable dedicated riders to tackle the toughest terrains in all weather.


MSR Racing

Over the years, MSR motocross gear has risen to a place of prominence in the MX world. Collaborations with other stars like K Dub, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Taka Higashino, and Brian Deegan, along with team-ups with brands like the Metal Mulisha have seen MSR motocross retain its reputation as a a multi-million dollar company with innovative products and exciting gear.

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At BTO Sports we've got a complete selection of MSR motocross kits, gloves, jerseys, helmets, pants, MSR hard parts, casual wear, and lots more to choose from. We have total confidence in our MSR motocross selection, because the brand specializes in MX ad off-road products while maintaining the strictest safety and quality standards. With MSR motocross products from BTO Sports, you know you're getting serious performance and a better ride along with peace of mind about your equipment. MSR is one of our most popular dirt brands, and we strive to give our customers exactly what they want.

MSR makes just about anything the motocross and off-road rider could want, and BTO keeps their gear stocked and ready to go. You're going to love the hardcore protection and awesome look you get with MSR motocross gear from helmet to boot, and all over your bike. Experience the MSR edge on and off the track and learn why MSR motocross is an MX industry giant, putting out the best quality motocross gear every year.

For questions about our selection of MSR motocross gear and parts, contact the pros at BTO Sports now. We are ready and able to answer all of your questions.

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