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New Ray Replica Motocross Toys

If you’re looking for a great gift for the motocross fanatic in your life, then check out this New Ray Motocross Toys page! Whether it’s a young boy or girl, or an adult with a desk or dresser- a New Ray die cast toy dirt bike makes an immediate statement! Spend some time looking at the detail and craftsmanship put into these great toys and you will see why they have become so popular with the MX community! Fun, safe and sure to be a hit; get your New Ray Motocross Toy dirt bike today!


The New Ray Toys Story

New-Ray Toys Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of die-cast and plastic toys. Established in 1987, New-Ray is expanding rapidly with offices being set up in the U.S. and China.

New Ray’s state-of-the-art factory in Dong Guan, China has sophisticated printing machines that produce products with complex graphic designs in excellent quality, and making creative packaging. The factory is fully developed with cutting edge technology, all at one location, that enables New-Ray to maintain good production control, absolute product quality assurance, expeditious delivery lead times, with all New-Ray toys accounted at very competitive prices.

Dirt Bike Toys are one of the best highlights of New Ray’s extensive product lines. With over 200 licenses, there are more to come. We are determined to increase licenses range and are fully committed to investing sumptuous amount on licensing. One of a successful marketing philosophy is “always giving choices” to customers. We do not only aim at giving extensive choice of licenses, we also produce a wide range of die-cast models such as cars, motorbikes and trucks scaled down to various sizes to suit adults as a collector item, or children of all ages to play with. Scale models are also further extended to play sets.

New Ray Dirt Bike Toys

Want to make your dreams come true? Well then, buy die cast MX Bikes! Collect your dream motocross machine wherever you want them to be. You can spend a whole lot less to collect your favorite MX bikes. Die cast - made by casting metal in a mold. Nowadays, die cast MX bike toys have very detailed interiors and realistic designs. For example, you can open the hood, doors, and trunk in an average die cast car. The same detail goes into these New Ray Motocross Toys. These die cast models are the best ways to show off your knowledge and passion for motocross.

New Ray’s job as die cast toy sellers is to make the buying experience of our customer's shopping experience more enjoyable. They make every product affordable and in the best condition possible. And BTO Sports ships extremely fast, whether you're in California or Australia.

New Ray Dirt Bike Replica Toys

We sell a large selection of New Ray Motocross Toy items, so we are sure that there is something for everyone! Just check out this New Ray Motocross Toys Page- and see for yourself. These toys are awesome!

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