O'Neal - 2018 Element Boots

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     O'Neal - 2018 Element Boots

    O’neal Elements boots are some of the best in the business. Their construction and materials are second to none in the motocross industry. Instead of including too many bells and whistles and increasing the total weight of the boot, O’neal sought out to include as many features as they could in a competitive race boot. At this price point, you cannot lose with the O’Neal Element boot. At the same time that they are keeping the weight down, O’neal is able to keep the price down as well by strategically picking the best features available that are most important to riders for this boot.

    Features including a bonded sole and an all new buckle to keep your feet in place, are included in this new boot for 2016. The construction, as is with all other O’Neal Element Boots, is as durable as ever, exhibiting some of the finest materials that are able to be in this boot for this price. It is amazing what O’Neal is able to do and offer it for such little money in this boot. What’s also standard in O’Neal boots is a tough metal shank that keeps your leg from rubbing up against your bike. A more than generous heel support and extra padding in the boot add to the overall comfort of an already very comfortable boot. A heat shield is built in order to keep your feet and leg area from heating up while right next to the dirt bike.

    The O’Neal 2016 Element Boots are just some of the many boots available at www.btosports.com. Boots can make or break a race, so don’t let them break the bank on you. BTO Sports has the lowest prices on the best boots in the industry. So go ahead and look at our boots, you’ll definitely find one that fits you!

    The O'Neal Element boot steps into a class of its own. Featuring an All New Buckle fastening system, high grade injection molded protection, and genuine leather support, the Element boot is indeed the best Element boot ever. Built to the quality of a first class racing boot but sold at an entry - level price, this boot simply can’t be beat for overall value and style.


    • All New Buckle 

    • Bonded sole

    • Durable construction

    • Fully adjustable four buckle closure system

    • Tough sole with metal shank

    • Injection molded plastic shin plate and protection

    • Generous heel support and padding for added comfort
    • Built in heat shield