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This product has been discontinued

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O'Neal - Hardware Flow True Jersey, Pant Combo

Product Code: oneal-hardware-flow-true-combo
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This product is no Longer Available

O'Neal - Hardware Flow True Jersey, Pant Combo

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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O'Neal 2018 Hardware Flow True Jersey

O’Neal pulled out all the stops with the 2018 O’Neal Hardware Flow True Jersey. This is their premier dirt bike jersey, and brand new for this rollout. This jersey also has the boldest designs in the entire 2018 release. The motocross jersey comes in four different colorways that utilize bright colors and patterns. It features O’Neal logos across the chest, on the shoulders, down the sleeves, and on the flank. The reverse has the O’Neal mantra, “Enjoy the Ride” on the lower back. All the sharp graphics are sublimated, meaning they won’t fade in the wash or from that harsh desert sun. The O’Neal dirt bike jersey is made to be extra-long, and has silicone printing on the tail so it remains tucked during a race. The tagless design makes it more comfortable to wear with the absence of a scratchy tag.


This is truly the most advanced motocross jersey that O’Neal has ever produced! It is also the lightest, weighing in at just six ounces. That’s because of the all new “Pro-Lite” performance fabric used in the construction of this jersey. This ultra-light material has 4-way stretch capabilities, affording riders a natural range of motion without feeling constricted. The material on the 2018 O’Neal Hardware flow True Jersey is also moisture wicking. It draws moisture away from the riders’ skin and into the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. This helps cool down the rider while they work up a sweat. Speaking of staying cool, this dirt bike jersey is loaded with ventilation panels that work in tandem with the moisture wicking feature. The ventilation panels are located in strategic areas to help keep the rider well ventilated. The panels are located on the back of the neck, under the arms, on the tail, and on the wrists. As you can guess, this dirt bike jersey performs extraordinarily well in hot conditions. You’ll probably want to wear it year round as well!

O'Neal 2018 Hardware Flow True Jersey Features:

  • Our most advanced jersey ever, featuring the All New ‘Pro-Lite’ Performance Fabric with 4-way stretch
  • The lightest jersey in our history at only 6oz (size L)(35% lighter than our Element Jersey)
  • Closed cell vented panels under the arms, wrists, and back of the neck
  • Sublimated no fade graphic
  • High quality moisture wicking materials
  • Extended tail with cooling mesh
  • Silicone print on tail to keep your jersey tucked in
  • Vented and Tagless neck design
  • Micro cuff decreases restriction
  • 100% vented jersey
  • 1 Flow True pant matches 4 Flow True jersey colorways. Buy one or buy them all and have 4 different looks for a fraction of the price!


O'Neal 2018 Hardware Flow True Pant

O’Neal pulled out all the stops on this pair of dirt bike pants. The 2018 O’Neal Hardware Flow True Pant has all the bells and whistles that rival any other pant on the market today. It only comes in a neutral black & white colorway which is meant to match all four Hardware Flow True Jerseys simultaneously. The design is pretty clean thanks to the monochrome palette. The O’Neal logos are branded down both thighs and on the seat of the dirt bike pants. Smaller logos are found across the front of the calves and an “O” logo on the hip. As far as the fit is concerned, the pants have been optimized for racing. This is the lightest hardware pant that O’Neal has produced so far, making it a great choice for competitive riders. Despite the lightweight material, these motocross pants are pretty strong. The seams are triple stitched for some extra reinforcement. They have a tapered design, especially down near the legs to fit more comfortably with boots.


Often time’s riders have to choose between a performance pant and one that looks great. With the 2018 O’Neal Hardware Flow true pant, riders get both! These motocross pants have so many great features. The knee construction alone has a number of great benefits like the extra-long leather knee panels. These help protect the rider from bike heat, but also provides a non-slip surface for gripping. The knees are equipped with built in padding for extra protection. The extra wide knee area has an accordion design that accommodates knee guards with no issue. Finally, the knee region is engineered with stretch panels that give riders some much need flexibility in the area. The stretch panels encircle the knee to afford a natural range of motion. Aside from the knee, these O’Neal motocross pants have special ventilation panels that provide good airflow for those hot races through the desert. Another handy feature on these dirt bike pants is the seat area that has some extra padding to help absorb shock.

O'Neal 2018 Hardware Flow True Pant Features:

  • Reduced weight – our lightest Hardwear pant!
  • Heavy duty but lightweight denier fabrics
  • Lightweight rubber patches at knee with integrated air-intake for cooling
  • 360 degree adjustable belt keeps pants in place
  • Extra long leather heat shield
  • Seat padding for comfort
  • Triple stitched in critical areas for durability
  • Stretch spandex panels for added flex
  • Wide accordion knees sized for knee braces
  • Ergonomic pre-bent and padded knee area
  • 1 Flow True pant matches 4 Flow True jersey colorways. Buy one or buy them all and have 4 different looks for a fraction of the price!