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    O'Neal - Hardwear Flow Jag LE Jersey

    Product Code: oneal-hardwear-flow-jag-le-jersey

    Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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    O'Neal - Hardwear Flow Jag LE Jersey

    The O’Neal Hardwear Flow Jag LE Jersey is a great addition to any motocross gear collection. An advanced motocross jersey in its own right, the hardware flow jag Limited Edition Jersey features technology that is as high-end as the material it’s made of. O’Neal has done it again. All New ‘Pro-Lite’ Performance Fabric adorns this jersey, and 4-way stretch is just the comfortable cherry on top. This Limited Edition Jersey serves to cater to the most hardcore of dirt bike riders. However, if you are serious about your moto talents, you’ll enjoy this jersey as an amateur as well.


    Not only is this dirt bike jersey comfortable, but it is also no slouch in the performance department. The O’Neal Hardwear Flow Jag LE Jersey comes in at 6 ounces for a size large. That is crazy light! That’s even lighter than the O’Neal element jersey! 100% vented material keeps riders cool, as they ride to their heart’s content. Not only do the vents help keep you cool, but closed cell vented panels under the arms, wrists, and back of neck will keep the heat at bay on the toughest of rides at the dirt track.

    The style is great on this O’Neal Moto jersey as well. This jersey features sublimated, no fade graphics, helping your colors and design stay hotter, for longer. This is a colorway that would match any dirt bike. Whether you ride a Husqvarna, a KTM, a Honda, a Yamaha, a Kawasaki, or a Suzuki, this gear will set your gear off. Silicone print on the tail helps keep your jersey tucked, so it doesn’t fly out when you twist the throttle. The futuristic vented and tagless neck, will keep you performing cool, and keep irritation by a tag at bay. No need to worry about agitation during a ride with this jersey. High quality material made to wick all kinds of moisture and sweat away from the jersey. Never get wet on your rides, no matter what the liquids that you may encounter when you’re racing down the finish line. On top of that, the Micro cuff decreases restriction, so you can worry about winning your race, not feeling uncomfortable as you ride.


    All in all, the O’Neal Hardwear Flow Jag LE Jersey is an amazing Dirt Bike Jersey that showcases some of the best technology and design in the world of motocross today. We at BTO Sports has the best collection of O’Neal jerseys at the best prices. We have not only clearance jerseys, but we also have the newest motocross releases as well. The O’Neal Hardwear Flow Jag Limited Edition Jersey is not the only great O’Neal moto jersey we have. We have tons of O’Neal gear to go around on our site.



    • - Our most advanced jersey ever, featuring the All New ‘Pro-Lite’ Performance Fabric with 4-way stretch
    • - The lightest jersey in our history at only 6oz (size L) (35% lighter than our Element Jersey)
    • - Closed cell vented panels under the arms, wrists, and back of the neck
    • - Sublimated no fade graphic
    • - High quality moisture wicking materials
    • - Extended tail with cooling mesh
    • - Silicone print on tail to keep your jersey tucked in
    • - Vented and Tagless neck design
    • - Micro cuff decreases restriction
    • - 100% vented jersey