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P3 Motocross or P3 is the leading manufacturer of a diverse line of carbon fiber, kevlar and biaxial protection products for your dirt bike, all made in the good ol’ U.S. of A.. P3 or P3 Dirt Bike Gear has P3 accessories from skid plates, pipe guards, heat shields, brake guards, boost guards and much more. BTO Sports has the best P3 dirt bike gear selection available for the most popular applications on today’s market. BTO FMX Team rider Destin Cantrell uses P3 Motocross gear on his bike to keep him protected at all times. The Rock Star Husqvarna Off-road racing team, with racing legends as Mike Brown, all favors P3 Motocross gear.

Carbon fiber are essentially fibers about 5-10 micrometer in diameter and composed of mostly carbon atoms. To produce a carbon fiber, the carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals that are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber as the crystal alignment gives the fiber high strength-to-volume ratio . Several thousand fibers are bundled together forming a tow, which may be used by itself or woven into a fabric. Carbon fibers are usually combined with other materials to form a composite. When combined with a plastic resin it can form into anything you can think of, in a carbon fiber reinforced polymer the fiber is very strong and light weight and in most cases very high heat resistant. P3 Motocross knows this all too well and implicates it in their high quality P3 Dirt Bike Gear products which in terms is essential when protecting expensive parts on your dirt bike, giving your dirt bike that extra clean factory look, and instead apart from protection for your bike, it can indeed save you thousands of dollars rather than replacing a less expensive carbon fiber part.

One essential and popular item from the P3 motocross line is the carbon fiber skid plate and P3 offers the most diverse line of composite skid plates in the industry. Riders have a choice between the P3 Motocross MotoFlex plate, the Standard carbon fiber skid plate, or the championship winning factory replica skid plate. The combination of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and biaxial fiberglass results in a smooth flowing design with seamless construction. It will provide protection for your motor and frame with the most protection possible. P3 Accessories skid plates are made of high strength epoxy and biaxial fiberglass composites that provides super high impact strength, super-high quality epoxy finish for long life and high durability. Black carbon fiber on top with bi-color weave on the bottom provides a brilliant two-tone factory finish. A lot of R&D goes into making a high quality product and is molded for a perfect fit. Most applications will include genuine P3 Dirt Bike Accessories engine side cover protection which eliminates the need for extra engine guards. All applications are tested for proper fitment for easy installation on the fly. Replacement parts and P3 Dirt Bike Accessories are all available at the BTOSports.com website.

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