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Pirelli Dirt Bike Tires

Best Pirelli Motocross Tires

Pirelli Motorbike Tires

It's no surprise to anyone who loves motocross and dirt bike racing when Pirelli motorbike tires always seem to be on the top bikes all over the world. Pirelli designers, technicians, and engineers have been creating tires for on and off the track for years, and each season they come up with incrementally better designs. Above all else, Pirelli motorbike tires are known for performance, quality, and reliability. Browse our selection of Pirelli motorbike tires to learn more about the features and design of each tire that might work for your needs. Whether you're a dirt track racer, a canyon daredevil, or a dirt bike fiend who loves all terrains, we've got Pirelli motorbike tires to suit your riding style and grip the ground you choose. At BTO Sports we have a full range of Pirelli motorbike tires for you to choose from. Make your selection from Pirelli MX tires designed for all kinds of terrains to match your riding style: soft, intermediate, and hard. If you're riding mostly hard pack conditions, check out Pirelli motorbike tires with reduced center knob height, stiffer carcasses, and wider contact areas for better grip for cornering and straight lines. Pirelli Scorpion MX Hard (MXH) tires are a great option in this category. Not quite as hard pack, but still fairly solid? Look at our Pirelli Scorpion MX Mid Hard (MXMH) tires. If desert and soft dirt is your jam, check out the bridged tread and rear paddle design of the Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft (MXS) tire. Pirelli Motorbike Tires at BTO Sports For Pirelli, Motocross is a matter of pride—and it is for us here at BTO Sports, too. When a company like Pirelli is on twice as many bikes that earn titles in races every week, we notice, and we know you do too. Dirt tracks packed down rock hard, desert dunes and canyons, mud trails and mountains—wherever your bike takes you, Pirelli motorbike tires will get you there faster. Whether you're taking serious turns leaning sideways or airborne over whoop after whoop, we've got the right Pirelli motorbike tires for your ride. Contact us with questions or for advice anytime.