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BTO Sports has the best Pro Taper motocross gear sales online! We take pride in offering the top Pro Taper products and accessories to riders around the world. Riders of all levels can save big with deals on Pro Taper dirt bike gear. With popular Pro Taper gear items in stock, you are sure to find what you are looking for. View our selection of Pro Taper sale items now.

Pro Taper

Pro Taper

Here at BTO Sports we strive to provide our riders and customers with the best Pro Taper motocross gear, parts, and accessories to keep them riding their best. The Pro taper motocross parts that we sell are designed and developed by some of the best in the business, and are race tested and proven to ensure the are some of the market.

Whether you are looking for new bars, new bar pad, grips, levers and drive train products, BTO Sports has you covered with all the Pro Taper products you need. Used by champion race teams such as Gieco Honda, Pro Taper sponsors some of the best riders all over the world. Their products are used world-wide in all levels of motocross ranging from weekend warriors, amateur riders, and the professional ranks here in the United States and overseas. Pro Taper is a world renowned company that makes one of the best motocross handlebars on the market.

Whether your jam is adventure, dual sport, motocross, offroad, or street, ProTaper is driven to design and manufacture the very best replacement control, drive, and brake products for your ride that money can buy. ProTaper handlebars, discs, grips, pegs, and sprockets use cutting-edge materials and technology to outperform any O.E.M. component available today on the market while offering more features and outlasting the competition.

ProTaper is known for innovation, originating the oversized, 1-1/8" handlebar and going on to patent this invention. The entire ProTaper line makes the most of cutting-edge technology and the known how of experienced racers to develop the strongest, lightest handlebars available. ProTaper MX parts are not just endorsed by the pros who win all over the world; they're used by them day to day, too.

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One of their top selling handles bars are the EVO handlebars that run with a ticket price of around 80-100 dollars depending on where you shop. Here at BTO Sports, we offer the Pro Taper Evo handlebars for $80.99 (US dollars) and they are available in multiple dimensions and two different colors. Whether you prefer the Doug Henry style of set up or the Chad Reed style of bend, BTO Sports has exactly what you to keep charging the track in total control.

Pro Taper produces a handful of other products, not just amazing handlebars. They produce a handful of grips which are some of the most comfortable grips I have used, but to each their own right? Motocross is really about finding the right set up that feels comfortable to you, and allows you to ride as fast as you can. If you don’t like the way your grips feel, change them; if you hate the bar bend, get a new one. Everything from the front tire to the back tire is able to be modified on your dirt bike (if you can afford it) to be set up exactly to your preference. Check out the Pro Taper accessories and parts today for the best prices and fastest shipping. Thank you for shopping for your Pro Taper accessories and parts from BTO Sports; we greatly appreciate your business and hope your experience is one for the record books.

Founded in 1991 with its revolutionary invention of the oversized, 1-1/8" Taperwall handlebar, ProTaper set the bar high and never looked back. Since that time ProTaper products have become the gold standard, becoming the ideal against which other handlebars get measured. The brand stands for excellence, quality, and an unrelenting commitment to innovation that drives each incremental change to every product. No wonder ProTaper products continue to dominate the industry year after year, from the high level champions to the weekend warriors.

At BTO Sports we carry control products like mounts, handlebars, and pads, and drive and brake products like brake discs, sprockets, and brake pads. We have all of the ProTaper products you and your ride need to stay competitive, so reach out to us right away for more information, details about products, or just to talk ProTaper.

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