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Renthal Motocross Gear

Renthal Motocross Gear, Renthal Dirt Bike Gear and Accessories



Renthal is one of the most iconic hard part brands for both the motorcycle world as well as the dirt bike world. They are known mostly for creating Renthal handlebars, Renthal Kevlar grips, and other hard parts and accessories like dirt bike sprockets and bar mounts.

Renthal’s History

Renthal was started back in the United Kingdom in 1969 by two friends, Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal. The two friends decieded to split their last names in order to create their brand name Renthal. The friends took Ren from Renshaw and then took thal from Rosenthal and created Ren-thal. The first aftermarket part the new company made was of corase handlebars. The first Renthal handlebars were made out of H14 aircraft aluminum that was left over from World War II. The friends created a tube bending machine and started to manufacture these aluminum Renthal bars in a small scale, and slower style of production. But hey everyone has to start somewhere, and I bet they never knew Renthal would grow and scale to the size of company they are today.

In 1990 Renthal decided to open its first American office and warehouse. They decided to put a man by the name of Jim Hale in charge of American operations. Jim was a sales and marketing specialist and was just the right fit for Renthal. Renthal UK was now in the USA and little did they know at the time that Renthal would take over the USA market and become the most profitable country for the company. After so much success building handle bars for dirt bikes, Renthall struck a deal with Honda in 2004 to start fabricating their OEM 7/8” bars for all their dirt bikes. This was a massive deal and partnership for Renthals and continued to fuel this monster of a brand.

Renthal Handlebars

Renthal Handlebars

The most popular hard part that Renthal ever made was their handle bars. They make a few different types of handle bars. First would be their off road handlebars . These bars come in the standard, OEM size fit at 7/8. These bars can be found on all stock Honda dirt bikes. Next in line with Renthals bars would be the Twinwall’s. These bars are aftermarket and will fall under the oversize style of fit. The bars will be 1 1/8th in width and need aftermarket oversize bar clamps to mount up to your bikes triple clamp. Next on the bar food chain is the Fat Bar. These handlebars are going to also be oversized and come in the 1 1/8th size. These bars are going to be extra thick for added strength and helping reduce the vibrations for the rider. Some of the most popular motocross riders like Ricky Carmichael, and Kevin Windham have their own bend in the Fat Bar because they loved these bars so much. Renthal also makes mini bars for all the mini bikes out there. This is to help the kids fit better on their dirt bikes by finding that right bend in bars for them.

Renthal Sprockets and Grips

Renthal Sprockets and Grips

Renthal has also become very popular with their aftermarket chain, sprockets, and grips. Renthal’s countershaft sprockets are made from steel which guarantee a long life. When you jump to the rear sprocket you have two different options. One is the ultralight sprockets. These sprockets are made out of aluminum to help reduce the weight of the sprocket while still being very durable. Next step up on the rear sprockets from Renthal would be their twinring. These rear sprockets are made with both aluminum in the body and then the teeth are made from steel. So you are able to get the best of both worlds with this style of sprocket. The most popular grip that Renthal has ever made would be their Kevlar grip. After the Renthal Kevlar grip, the next in line would be the Ultra Tacky dual compound, then followed by the standard dual compound grips.

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